Study: Americans Worry More About Brown Immigrants Than White Immigrants

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
August 17, 2014


"We just want freedom.  And free everything."
“We just want freedom. And free everything.”

Research from Nicholas Valentino, Ted Brader, and Elizabeth Suhay, at the University of Michigan has shown that White Americans worry about letting in Hispanic (mixed-race) immigrants more than other immigrants.

The study gave White Americans either a pro-immigration news article, or an anti-immigration news article. Both pro-immigrant and anti-immigrant articles were randomly focused on either “Jose Sanchez” from Mexico or “Nikolai Vandinsky” from Russia, who were made up characters in the fictitious articles.

After reading the articles, those who read negative stories showed less support for immigration, but those who read the negative story about the Mexican immigrant showed much less support for immigration than those who read the negative story about the Russian immigrant.

Basically, White people showed much more concern for the Mexican immigrant than the Russian immigrant.

The researchers received similar results in a different study when they asked people about their feelings to a Hispanic immigrant and to a Dutch immigrant.

Don't worry, goyim.
Don’t worry, goyim.

Americans think of immigration in an ethnically specific way at this point,” said Valentino. “They think of immigrants as Latino. Latinos trigger an anxiety in some Americans that other ethnic groups simply do not trigger. It changes both attitudes and behaviors on immigration policy.

The White people that took part in the study know that if you import millions of non-White immigrants, White people will become a minority in that country, and most non-White countries are usually third-world countries.

Massive amounts of non-White immigrants are being deliberately brought in to the United States, and many other White countries for exactly that goal – to turn White people into a minority.

Opening the borders of White countries is just not enough to do that, because the non-White immigrants will stick to the cities, and the White people will all move out, meaning that many areas will still be majority White.

And that’s why anti-Whites demand “diversity” for any place that is “too White”. They say “diversity is our strength”, well we say “diversity” is their straw-man.

The fact is, anti-Whites won’t allow White areas to remain White. That is a perfect example of what White genocide is.