Stupid Ape Bassem Masri Chimps Out on CNN

Daily Stormer
November 24, 2014

The dumb ape Bassem Masri is proof of what we here at the Daily Stormer keep trying to communicate: all of these various sorts of subhumans will side with each other against us.

Look at the eyes of this man.  He would kill you, rape your wife, your daughter and your mother then set your house on fire and burn the evidence just as soon as look at you.  He is the voice of organized rebellion of non-Whites because he, being an Arab, has more White blood and is thus capable of more basic logical thought.

And so he is the face of the war on the White race.  Here he is, in our country, feeding off of us, and demanding we give him more.

I sure hope that Whites who see this man on TV realize that they’re next, that these monsters won’t stop until we are all dead.

We need to get it together here, people.