Sweden: Green Party Suggests Asylum Seekers Live Inside Swedes’ Homes

Fria Tider
December 12, 2014


The sharp increase in asylum seekers from third world nations is creating a housing shortage. In response, the Green Party in Sollentuna has suggested that newcomers should be able to live with indigenous homeowners.

Peter Godlund, who serves as the local branch leader of the Green Party, is claiming that it requires innovation to meet the challenges the large influx of entails.

“Sollentuna Municipality will be receiving more than double the number of refugees granted asylum in 2015. These new immigrants need housing and work to build new lives in Sweden,” he writes as an introduction to the controversial plans he’s published.

The Green Party proposes that the problem can be solved by the municipality if it gives homeowners – and possibly even condominium owners – in Sollentuna Municipality an incentive to rent out part of their home to asylum seekers.

“A partial solution to solve the housing shortage and housing problems of newcomers is to allow the municipality, which is responsible for arranging housing for newcomers, to rent accommodation for new arrivals from private homeowners who have rooms for rent or smaller flats to rent in their private homes,” writes the party.

The Green Party believes that this is a “win-win-win” solution.

“It will be a win-win-win situation where new arrivals are offered housing, community residents have the opportunity to help support the newcomers, and newcomers get a chance to quickly integrate into Swedish society and hopefully connect more easily with people who are already established in the community.”

The social worker Anders Wilhelmsson in Halmstad suggested earlier this year a more hands-on method: Namely, that the government simply confiscate the Swedes house by force and then give them to immigrants.

Andrew Anglin translation again. Swedish commenters encouraged me last time.