Sweden: School in Malmö Deemed Too Dangerous to Attend

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2015

Hmm, needs more diversity.
Hmm, not enough multiculturalism. Needs more.

Cultural enrichment has reached yet another level in Sweden. A secondary school in Malmö has closed its doors after its teachers’ union deemed it unsafe to attend, thanks to rampant violence and criminal activity.

It goes without saying that third world aliens are likely to be blamed, not ethnic Swedes.

The Local:

Violence, threats and visits from adult criminals eventually became too much for the teachers’ unions at Varner Rydén School in the Malmö suburb of Rosengård, whose safety officers have now closed the premises.

“Violence, threats and verbal abuse. There has also been trouble with students from other schools,” said Hans Nilsson at the City of Malmö to news agency TT.

The responsibility now lies with the teachers’ employer, the City of Malmö, as the school closure can only be waived by the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket).

Wait, maybe ethnic Swedes ought to be blamed, because aren’t they oppressing the poor aliens with their Swedish privilege, which in turn causes the poor aliens to commit crime?

Makes sense to me.