Sweden: Swedish Democrat MP Resigns After Being Recorded Chanting “Ausländer Raus”

David Lång

Anglin wrote earlier today about how all the European nationalist parties are garbage (other than maybe Orban, who is less garbagey).

Maybe these parties wouldn’t be such trash if all the good members didn’t keep getting caught on video doing Nazi shit and forced to resign?

Seriously, we all know cellphone cameras exist. We know the internet exists. How hard is it to just not do Nazi shit on video?

(And before “Ausländer Raus is not really a Nazi thing” – okay, bro. You know what I mean.)


Sweden Democrat parliamentarian David Lang leaves Riksdag over far right extremist song.

A Sweden Democrat (SD) parliamentarian who got caught on tape belting out a racist chant at the party’s European Union election vigil announced on Tuesday that he will step down and quit parliament, or Riksdag, according to local media.

Riksdag member David Lang sang the far-right slogan “Auslander raus” (foreigners out) during SD’s election vigil.

Gigi D’Agostino’s Eurodisco hit “L’amour toujours” from 1999 has spread in far-right circles in the past year. In Germany chants with slogans such as Deutschland den Deutschen and Auslander raus (Germany for the Germans and foreigners out) are chanted to the well-known melody.

The song was played during SD’s EU election night vigil while local tabloid Expressen was conducting interviews with party members.

After hearing the song, Lang could be seen jumping in and singing the German text “Auslander raus!”

“Oh shit, are you recording this,” the politician asked when he saw the Expressen reporter.

According to the tabloid, Lang tried to take the recording equipment from the journalist.

SD group leader Linda Lindberg had a private conversation with the far-right politician on Monday.

“At my urging, David Lang has chosen to resign from his position in the Riksdag. He has sat in the Riksdag since our entry in 2010 and has done very well for the party. It does not detract from his reckless actions yesterday, which he himself understands. It is against this background that he chooses to leave his seat in the Riksdag,” she wrote in a press release.

These people really need to get over their mommy issues and stop taking anything that comes out of a woman’s mouth seriously.

Of course, then you have the counterclaim that if these groups weren’t all run by women (virtually all of the “European Nationalist” [really “center-right populist”] groups are run by women), they would all be shut down by the courts, and the only way they can operate legally is by putting these mommy figures in charge of everything.

Regardless: “They don’t have any choice but to be totally useless” is not a good argument for pretending that Europe is on the verge of a nationalist revolution.

Why has no one resigned for turning one of the richest, most peaceful countries on earth into a Third World shithole?