Sweden: Village of 250 People to Get Delivery of 500 Muslim Enrichers

November 27, 2014

One of the biggest problems with Muslims is that they come at you.
One of the biggest problems with Muslims is that they come at you.

Little Hällnäs has about 250 inhabitants. Here they want to house 500 asylum seekers in the old sanatorium. “A big challenge,” according to the municipal commissioner.

Recently it was in Svenshögen with 400 inhabitants Bert Karlsson (former politician, now Sweden’s asylum king) wanted to house 200 asylum seekers, which caused concern among the neighbors, and now he wants to triple Hällnäs’ population in one blow.

Most of the facilities are deprived of water damage. Although fire protection authority has highlighted several problems. However, renovating for millions is no problem for Karlsson as his asylum business turnover is one billion SEK.

Eva-May Karlsson is the municipal commissioner in Vindeln and says that of course it’s good that they can help to accommodate as many as possible, but that it also can mean a large amount of children that will put pressure on child care and school – which she think is “a big challenge”

– But even though it involves some problems or challenges we are happy if someone wants to renovate and help fix the old sanatorium. It is far too valuable to decay, Eva-May Karlsson says.

500 Muslims and 250 Swedes. What on earth could go wrong?