“Swedes do Not Deserve a Better Life Than Refugees”

Fria Tider
December 10, 2014

 Lisa Magnusson is a columnist for Metro.
Lisa Magnusson is a columnist for Metro.

The Swedes have managed to carve out a better life than people in the Third World have through “pure luck,” argues Metro columnist Lisa Magnusson. We Swedes do not deserve to have it better than, say, Syrians, she boldly asserts.

“Neither I nor anyone else who grew up in this blissful place has done a single thing which implies that we have more of a right to a good life. It was pure luck that we were born in Sweden. We drew a winning ticket in life’s raffle,” writes Lisa in an op-ed on immigration policy.

Now we need immigration from third world to grow even more, she argues.

“During World War II, we received almost twice as many war refugees per year than we are now receiving from Syria, and at that time we had a smaller population as less wealth. We are now in a much better position.”

Lisa Magnusson is already a strong voice for the weak and vulnerable. In March 2012, she stirred up a storm by stating that it is “not surprising” that immigrants are like to rape Swedish girls and women. She noted that immigrants only rape because they are “emotionally crippled” and that therefore it is both inhumane and racist that to demand rapists be deported to their home countries.

Andrew Anglin translated this. It isn’t precise. It would be fun if our Swedish (or Norwegian) readers went to the original and rated my translation.