Swedish Democrats Crash the Government and Force Through De Facto Referendum on Immigration

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2014

Mattias Karlsson has succeeded in toppling the current Swedish government through legitimate means.

We have Al Jazeera to thank for the news that Sweden’s prime minister has been forced to call a snap election for the first time in fifty years, thanks to the ‘far-right’ Sweden Democrats party.

They voted together with the center-right opposition against the government’s budget, with the express aim of toppling them and forcing them to call a new election, which will be the equivalent of a referendum on the on going replacement of White Swedes with non-White barbarians.

Stefan Lofven the current prime minister sounded worried when he spoke about the situation:

“They are letting the Swedish Democrats dictate the conditions in Swedish politics” he whined,”I have taken responsibility all along and intend to continue taking responsibility for our country. I will not tacitly accept what is now happening on the right wing.”

Stefan Löfven
Stefan Lofven is worried that the ‘far right’ will take power.

But Mattias Karlsson, the Swedish Democrat’s interim leader triumphantly announced “The Swedish Democrats want the election to be a referendum on immigration.”

He was backed up by Annie Loof of the Centre Party, who criticised Lofven and his Social Democrats, saying “This is a clear failure for the Social Democrats, their government’s competence has really been put in question.”

The rebellion against the budget proposal is a major political breakthrough for the Swedish Democrats, who are currently the third largest party in the parliament after September’s general elections.

Keep Sweden for the Swedes.