Swedism: No Whites Allowed in College

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
August 11, 2014

Come to Sweden, Blacks! We lust for your diversity!
Come to Sweden, Blacks! We lust for your diversity!

This anti-White flyer is made and distributed by Gustavus Adolphus College, aiming to bring in foreign students.

The link on the flyer links to a page on the college’s website, where it tries to promote non-Swedes to study in Sweden. The main message the college tries to get across is that Sweden is no longer a country full of White Swedes. As you can see, the photo on the flyer shows only two White guys.

Experience living and learning in Sweden, a modern, multicultural and diverse nation that is both a unique northern European nation and a country integrated with the rest of Europe.” the college website says.

A century ago Sweden was still a poor, undemocratic, agricultural nation with a homogeneous population.

Notice the negative tone of this sentence – being majority White is a ‘problem’ like being undemocratic or poor, to them it seems.

Since the 1950s, there has been immigration to Sweden instead, including laborers attracted to booming industries in the 1960′s and then, starting in the 1970s, a great influx of refugees attracted by the positive notions of Swedish egalitarian values and aided by Swedish immigration laws.

A transformation of this order, however positive it may be, does not come without tension and the constant need to make rational choices.

These anti-Whites are actually using White genocide to advertise their college. What must their students be learning?

I’ll bet they’re not learning that anti-racist is a code for anti-White, and “diversity” is a code for White genocide.