Thailand: Senate Passes Law Approving Anal “Marriage”

The obvious and yet esoteric hot take here is that this is much less about anal than it is about signaling to the world that Thailand is on Team America, where everyone goes anal.

Thailand has apparently always had a lot of homosexuals, and doesn’t have the same historical hostility to them that Christian (and most other Asian countries) have. This is to say, a balance had already been established a long time ago between the homos and the normal people, and there was no need for this kind of legal recognition of homosexuality as “normal.”

It obviously does further degrade the society to have so-called “anal marriage” legalized in this way, but there was already so much gay shit going on in Bangkok that it’s hard to see it as particularly relevant to anything – other than as a symbolic gesture that they will be siding with the modern Western system of total global conformity, and not the Chinese/Russian system, which seeks to allow nations to make their own internal decisions about the direction of their societies while only engaging in financial globalism.


Thailand’s Senate passed the final reading of a marriage equality law on Tuesday, paving the way for it to become the first country in Southeast Asia to recognise same-sex couples.

The bill comes after more than two decades of effort from activists and politicians, after previous drafts did not reach parliament.

With the support of nearly all lawmakers in the upper house, the law next needs royal approval. It will come into force 120 days after it is published in the royal gazette.

LGBT advocates called the move a “monumental step forward,” as Thailand would be the first nation in Southeast Asia to enact marriage equality legislation and the third territory in Asia, after Nepal and Taiwan.

“We are very proud to make history,” said Plaifah Kyoka Shodladd, member of a parliamentary committee on same-sex marriage.

“Today love triumphed prejudice … after fighting for more than 20 years, today we can say that this country has marriage equality.”

Lawmakers and activists were seen celebrating in Thailand’s parliament, waving rainbow flags and smiling, with some raising their fists in solidarity with the LGBT community.

Thailand, one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, is already known for its vibrant LGBT culture and tolerance.

Yeah, well. That is kinda the point. Despite it being in clear violation of their own religion, Thailand has been doing this gay shit for a really long time.

Normalizing it through law, however, is a totally Western concept, which was entirely pushed by Western governments and NGOs.

I would like to be able to say “maybe the king will kill it.” But that’s very unlikely. The US has been running anti-monarchy marches right alongside their pro-anal marches in Thailand, and the king isn’t going to rock the boat.

However, it’s possible that this gay shit, along with the country’s disastrous decision to legalize marijuana, could lead to popular revolt and military rule. It’s seeming less and less likely, but who knows.

A lot of people are mad.