Thank You for Trolling Alex Jones

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2014

Muh German Death Cult.  Coming for the freedoms.
Muh German Death Cult. Coming for the freedoms.

Yesterday, I was sitting at a cafe where no one spoke English, with a cellphone and a wifi connection. Having responded to quite a few emails, read too much news and lacking a physical book to flip through, I decided to hit-up Alex Jones’

Incredibly, in the midst of the huge assault on Gaza, Jones had not a single story in his “top news” about escalating Jewish massacre. While even CNN and Fox News run the Jew attack as prime news, Jones instead had a story about the Federal government confiscating someone’s Landrover because it failed to meet emissions standards.

The SUV holocaust is here.  Right now.
The SUV holocaust is here. Right now.

So, I trolled.

In Infowars land, the lives of SUVs are more important than those of Arab babies.
Thank God for his Jew wife.
Finally, a site that is able to get past the MSM focus on genocidal massacre, and deal with the Landrover holocaust: – the real resistance movement
Wow, Jones fans will literally parrot the official statements of the Jew government. Who would have thought it? Oh, I would have.
You can use multiple names in the Infowars comments section. So don’t hesitate to call Steve or Wilber in for backup.
Tommy can also be called in, if it’s an emergency.
You may find some comrades in the comments.
When trolling Alex Jones fans, hold nothing back.
Protip: Always mention Jew wife and gas chambers.

Everyone Needs to Do This

Most of us have time, such as my time at the no-English cafe, when we have nothing to do and need a bit of relaxation.  I highly recommend using a portion of this personal downtime to troll Alex Jones.

This is not simply for fun – although it is intensely fun.  Jones is presenting himself to White Americans as some type of resistance against the oppressive forces who come against us, then he is lying to them, confusing them with gibberish conspiracies, nullifying them and preventing them from being active in any movement of enlightenment or action.

He is basically the worst enemy of America.  All those who seek to know what is happening in the world find him, get sucked in and then often never escape.  Our duty is to help them break out, and find the real truth.

I didn’t do it, but you can also post links to this site or other important information in the comments.

He is using Disqus for his comments section, so you can log in as a guest and use multiple sockpuppets to make it appear as if you are multiple people agreeing with each other.

Operation: Jew Wife

We will call this trolling program Operation: Jew Wife, as every comment should make some reference to the fact that Jones has a Jewish wife.

Brains behind Alex Jones: His Jew Wife
Brains behind Alex Jones: His Jew Wife

The goal of this operation is two-fold: We wish to awaken our people, and we wish for the supposed champion of “free speech,” Alex Jones, to eventually have to shut down comments altogether, so that our point is proved.

I will renew this call at a later date.  But please, go have some fun right now.

This lying bastard must be stopped.

Hail Victory.