The Abandoment of the Detroit White Working and Middle-Class by Chamber of Commerce Types

Paul Kersey
Stuff Black People Don’t Like
July 19, 2013

Even with a city and infrastructure gift wrapped for them, black individuals still collectively contributed to the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history...but the real enemy is someone else.
Even with a city and infrastructure gift wrapped for them, black individuals still collectively contributed to the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history…but the real enemy is someone else.

With the news of Detroit declaring bankruptcy today, the once “Paris of the West” has truly become the “Mogadishu of the West.”

The “Arsenal of Democracy” has become the “Abattoir of Democracy.”

A 90 percent black city, collapsing in the footprint of a city built by the individual contributions of white people collectively working together to build a better future for their posterity.


Wilbur C. Rich wrote Coleman Young and Detroit Politics: From Social Activist to Power Broker, which details the rise of Detroit’s first black mayor and his efforts to blacken the city’s public employees via affirmative action and gutting the police department’s ability to fight crime (because, well, almost all of the violent crime was courtesy of black individuals, so efforts to corral crime meant putting extra police in black communities).

He let slips a truth cleverly concealed in an article about how members of the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce aren’t concerned about the bankruptcy [Business leaders expect to escape major impact from Detroit bankruptcy, Detroit News, July 18, 2013], for one p. 275 of Coleman Young and Detroit Politics, Wilbur writes:

The most obvious tension in city politics is misunderstanding between some the city’s remaining white constituencies and the mayor. The white residents do not support him in his reelection bids, nor do they subscribe to his policies, and this is particularly true of working-class whites. Those who have remained in the city do not think that the mayor is doing enough for them. They dislike his racial references in speeches, and they believe he is driving whites and middle-class blacks out of the city. It is difficult for Mayor Young to reach this group because it is not organized and it has few leaders with whom to negotiate. None of the current white members of the city council present themselves as leaders of the white community. They are instead forced to represent all groups because of the at-large election system, and they cannot afford to alienate black supporters. The white business community, with which the mayor has had good rapport, also has not been spokesgroup for the working-class or middle-class communities. Without such leadership and clearly defined “white issues,” it is difficult for the mayor to address residents feelings of outgroupness and alienation. The misunderstanding therefore continues.

This book was published in 1989. When an emergency manager was appointed by the governor of Michigan to run Detroit, all of the nine city council members were black; 90 percent of the city population was black; the police chief and fire chief were black; the superintendent of Detroit Public Schools (oddly, also run by state of Michigan) was black; and almost of those employed in city hall as public servants of the city of Detroit were black.

The business community cared little for the interests of the white working-class or white middle-class, because standing shoulder-to-shoulder with white solidarity would only interfere with the accumulation of profits and the ability to get some of lucre from city contracts not specifically slated to go to minority-owned businesses.

Once, the black community was alienated from political power in Detroit; so they rioted in 1967 and burnt down large sections of the city. That display of black rage and anarchy was enough to convince most white people it was time to leave the Motor City.

White people in America have no spokesperson, because under the rules of Black-Run America (BRA), any attempt by white people to unite and promote their common interests is a direct violation of all that the civil rights revolution stood for and will stand against.

So those white people in control of capital will play ball with whatever ruling party is in charge of the city, ensuring they can increase their holdings.

Who cares if as white people left the city (and as blacks worked to remake the city in their image), all social capital fled with it? [Half of Detroit property owners don’t pay taxes: News analysis finds $246.5M in taxes went unpaid last year, Detroit News, 2-21-2013]?

To paraphrase Brad Pitt’s character from Killing Me Softly: “I’m living in America, and in America you’re on your own. America’s not a country. It’s just a business. Now fuckin’ pay me”

To those managers who turned their backs on the white working-class and middle-class in Detroit and allowed Organized Blackness to run the city into the ground, understand by failing to rally around whites back in the 1970s sealed the city’s fate.

Yes, America might just be a business, with an office party every July 4th to boost employee morale.

But there are a lot of people who realize that this business is no longer viable.

Never forget this one verse from the Old Testament of the Bible:

Keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, but who will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation.”

Black people don’t know any better. They are a fiercely tribal people, lacking in future-time orientation, impulse control and devoid of the level of intelligence requisite to running a civilization/society/community created Europeans.

Even, as in the case of Detroit, when an entire municipality has been erected (and abandoned) for them.

The bankruptcy of the city is testament to this fact.

But those who profited off of the disorganization and leaderless white working and middle-class need to remember this: the historical majority population of the United States of America will wake up one day, and those who sold out communities/neighborhoods/cities/and the nation will have hell to pay.