The ADL Issues a Report on Kinism

Nathanael Strickland
Faith and Heritage

December 14, 2013

adl-585x282The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a Jewish, anti-white hate group, issued an eight-page report earlier this week entitled, “Kinism: A Racist and Anti-Semitic Religious Movement.”  Feel free to let the ADL know what you think about their hypocritical stance that Jews’ advocacy for Jewish preservation, nationalism, and self-determination is good and right, but whites’ advocacy for white preservation, nationalism, and self-determination is the epitome of evil.  The report is in the classic “point and splutter” format, where Kinists and Kinist positions are quoted and then labeled “racist,” “white supremacist,” or “anti-Semitic,” with no attempts at refuting them, just counting on the audience’s cultural Marxist knee-jerk reaction to those scare-words to create the desired effect.  The full report can be found here, but let’s take a deeper look at some of what the ADL says.

There is a group of racists in the United States whose aim is no less than to create a modern white supremacist interpretation of Christianity, an interpretation they call “Kinism.” The term “Kinism” is based on the concept of living with one’s own kind or kin.  While accepting many standard Christian tenets and declaring Jesus as their Savior, these Kinists assert that whites have a “God-given right” to preserve their own kind and live separately from other races in their own communities. Kinists declare that the social order for man is based on “tribal and ethnic” (by which they mean racial) ties.

Kinism does not seek to create a new, modern interpretation of Christianity.  As we have gone to great lengths to show, our beliefs are identical with our forefathers’, and we merely want to return to them.  Wikipedia defines supremacism as “the belief that a particular [group] is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not.”  So the desire to live separately in our own communities is the exact opposite of supremacy.  But no one has ever accused the ADL of being precise with their terms.  Also, wanting to preserve your own kind is evil, unless of course you’re Jewish, or black, or Chinese, or Mexican, or basically anyone not descended from Europeans.

Although the movement is small, it appears to be attracting a growing number of white supremacists in their 20s and 30s, who feel that Kinism offers a religious foundation for their racist and anti-Semitic beliefs.  In various postings on websites and blogs, Kinists dismiss the idea that their views are extreme. They see themselves as practicing Christians who just love their own “ethnic kin.”

Translation: a growing number of young adults are seeing the moral and ideological bankruptcy of modern liberal Christianity and the Marxism of the culture at large and are returning to the Faith and beliefs of their forefathers.  But the ADL would pretend that we are racists and anti-Semites looking to rationalize our beliefs within Christianity, when for almost all of us our Christian beliefs came first. I was a Christian for years before I became a Kinist.

Kinists use biblical references to make the claim that God wants different races to live separately. Because the Kinist movement uses the Bible as one of the main text for its beliefs, it may appeal to an increasing number of white supremacists who feel they can justify their racism and anti-Semitism more readily. It is essential to shine a light on this little known movement that views its extremism as a normative extension of Christian beliefs.

Anti-Christians are horrified at the prospect of an increasing number of white people embracing a truly biblical worldview.

Two disparate thinkers have strongly influenced the Kinists: Robert Lewis Dabney, a 19th-century Southern Presbyterian pastor and Confederate Army chaplain, and Rousas John Rushdoony, the 20th century theologian who founded Christian Reconstructionism, a dominionist and severely theocratic interpretation of Christianity. Kinists embrace Dabney’s views on race and Rushdoony’s beliefs regarding a Christian theocracy.

Better and wiser men than anyone at the ADL; that’s for sure.

Kinists, claiming the Bible is the authority for their beliefs, assert that the Bible condones segregation of the races, the key Kinist principle. The “Kinist Statement” argues that in the Bible, “God has divided humanity into ‘nations,’ which may be properly translated as races or ethnicities.” Kinists believe that the Bible prohibits “unequal yoking,” which they view as a prohibition on race mixing or miscegenation, as well as integration. . . .

Kinists oppose both democracy and egalitarianism. They believe that white Christians should return to original biblical principles and embrace white European culture. They generally support an agrarian economy and extremely limited government. They also believe that only white men 21 and older should be allowed to vote [in America]. They are vehemently against racial intermarriage.

Kinists often argue that the foundations of Kinism existed long before the League of the South members introduced the “Kinist Statement” in 2001. In fact, they often seek bridges with other white supremacists by claiming that all white Christians who have embraced a “racial identity” can be called Kinists, because Kinism is simply about wanting to live and worship with one’s own kind.

I should get the ADL to write my recruitment brochures.

Not surprisingly, many Kinist concerns mirror those of other white supremacist groups. They declare that Christian whites are losing their place in American society, that all races other than whites are allowed to express “love for their race,” and that white Christians must become racially conscious for the sake of self-preservation. Like many other white supremacists, Kinists advocate for a white ethno-state where whites can live separately from non-whites.

Once again, this blatantly contradicts the actual definition of supremacy.

What sets Kinists apart from many other white supremacist groups is their embrace of a biblical Christianity that has universal salvation through Jesus at its core. Many other white supremacist groups reject Christianity completely or, when they do practice Christianity, adhere to a form of the religion that recognizes only whites as capable of receiving salvation.

In this, Kinism is quite different from the most popular white supremacist Christian sect, Christian Identity. Identity adherents assert that only white Europeans are descended from the ancient Israelites of the Bible and are thus capable of salvation. They claim that non-whites are subhumans descended from “pre-Adamic peoples” created by God before he created Adam in his own image. They typically also believe that Jews are descended from Satan. Kinists explicitly denounce Identity adherents for their view of non-whites as subhuman, since Kinists believe that everyone is made in the image of God—though not that everyone is equal.

Thank you!  This is great stuff.  It’s like the ADL is trying to recruit for us.  I’m seriously sending this report to the next Alienist who accuses me of Christian Identity beliefs.  Maybe they’ll actually believe it since this comes from the ADL and both groups are already in agreement on racial Marxism.

Kinism is also quite different from Creativity, a pseudo-religion created by white supremacist Ben Klassen in the 1970s. Klassen sought to create a set of faux-religious tenets, the goals of which would be “the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.” Klassen also asserted the concept of “rahowa,” or racial holy war, in which the white race would “gird for total war” against Jews and non-whites. Kinists, so far, have preferred expressing separatism rather than racial war. Some Kinists believe that non-whites and non-Christians should be deported –forcibly, if need be– from white Christian communities, but not necessarily from the United States altogether.

So we’re a peaceful separatist movement that doesn’t even want the entire country, but we’re still “white supremacists”?  I’d like an explanation on how that works.

Despite having an explicit, racially centric set of beliefs, Kinists often deny that they are racists. They say that they believe in maintaining racial diversity, although they reinterpret the concept to mean keeping races separate so that they do not become “one.” They declare that all races can achieve salvation through belief in Jesus Christ but they should do so in their own communities, under separate borders. It is a sort of “separate but equal” set of religious beliefs. Kinists claim that whites should seek unity with other whites and that “this right extends to all other genetic and ethnic families” who should also seek their own kind.  They claim that harmony between races can only be achieved by living apart from each other. . . .

Kinists justify their racism by claiming that biblical figures such as the Apostles also purportedly believed in the separation of races. Kinists assert that they see the “value, uniqueness and preciousness of all Families of Man,” but that God gave the different races unique gifts and talents.

Hey ADL, how’d that whole Israelis-and-Palestinians-living-together situation work out for y’all?  What?  You built a big, high wall to keep the Palestinians out of your area of the country?  How interesting.  Diversity + Proximity = War.  Also, green, blue, and red are all nice colors, but if you mixed them all together you destroy their distinctiveness and diversity.  Only someone with an agenda of destruction would deny this.

Kinists often make disparaging remarks about minorities in the U.S. A Kinist claimed in 2005 that blacks and Central and South Americans commit more crimes in America due to the fact that “this is not their home, and so they have no interest in our longevity.”

Racial crime statistics are “hate facts.”

In another blog entry from February 2010, entitled “Anti-Semitism defined?” Would claimed that he did not discriminate against Jews but against Judaism because he is “a serious Christian.” He adds that, “people who call themselves ‘Jews’ are monolithically opposed to our Christian and American ideals.”

…says the Jewish organization attacking the historical Christian and American ideals.

This new generation of Kinists is also trying to establish intellectual and religious foundations to advance Kinism. Their blogs are filled with detailed analysis about the various aspects of Kinism, which they want to share with others of their generation. Like other white supremacists, they believe that it is only whites who are not allowed to express love of their race and culture without being labeled racists.

…says the ADL in a report attacking whites and labeling them “racist” for expressing love of their race and culture.  Someone needs to give these people lessons on what irony means, seriously.

Next, the ADL report discusses six actual Kinists: three older “Key Kinist Thinkers” and three younger ones from the “New Generation.”  Yours truly is honored to make it into the second section of the list.

[Nathanael] Strickland is the owner and chief editor of another Kinist blog, “Faith and Heritage.” Strickland was a junior at Clemson University in South Carolina in 2007 when he invited Jared Taylor to speak at the school.

And I have the video to prove it too!

His blog also features other Kinists, including Scott Terry and Ehud Would.

We really do have an all-star cast here at F&H.  I wouldn’t be able to do this without them.

The FAQ section of Faith and Heritage features 30 detailed questions about Kinism, which lay out a much more comprehensive rendering of this belief system than the 2001 “Kinism Statement.”

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the FAQ section; that was written by Nil Desperandum.  However, since I agree with everything in that post, I won’t belabor the point.

Strickland not only writes about Kinist beliefs, he has detailed articles on his blog that cover just about every aspect of Kinism.

*bows*  It’s always nice to be recognized for my work.

When debating whether “Faith and Heritage” is racist in the FAQ section of the website, Strickland asserts that the term “racist” is used to attack white European interests. Strickland declares, “Race is not a construct made by man, but a meaningful and important creation of God for our social harmony and solidarity.” He then proposes various meanings of the term “racist” and argues, “Notwithstanding its ever-changing meaning – or rather, precisely because of it – the term’s practical utility consists in its crushing any promotion of European interests, especially European Christian interests, as if with the wave of a wand.”

In addition, Strickland defends national borders and the idea that whites should live separately from other races. Like other Kinists, Strickland talks about the benevolence that whites have shown non-whites by “allowing” them to live in their home. He justifies his views, asserting, “Imagine this question on a smaller scale: other families have been residing in your household for a period of time, benefiting from your gospel instruction and general hospitality. But their time has come to live in self-sufficiency within their own households, as God designed families to live, no longer to be infringing upon your accommodations.”

Written by Nil, but still the simple truth.  Notice that the ADL takes issue with even the extremely tame idea of defending “national borders.”

Strickland also believes that whites and non-whites can be separate in a peaceful way using biblical principles. He claims creating a white ethno-national state “does not require some warlike, forcible removal of people who have resided in a region for an extended time. The objective of national separation is regulated by the biblical precepts of charity and mercy.”

Wait, wait, wait, I thought we were supposed to be hateful, violent white supremacists, but now you’re accusing us of being peaceful separatists wanting “charity and mercy”?  I am really, really confused right now.  I have to say that this is the first time I’ve been attacked on the basis of holding to “charity and mercy.”  It’s like getting into a heated argument with someone and the other person screams at you, “You’re a smart, good-looking person!!!”  Like I said, very confusing.

Like other Kinists, Strickland is a vehement anti-Semite. He tries to justify his hatred of Jews by alleging that the Talmud depicts Christians as subhuman.

I bet if Gentiles had a word like “Goyim” to refer to Jews, the ADL would find that to be anti-Semitic hatred.

In his words, “if the term ‘anti-Semite’ denotes some hatred of Jews simply because of their ethnicity, then it would truly be a sin, but an inapplicable accusation; yet if it denotes opposition to the religion of Judaism and the politics of Zionism, then it is not a sin in the first place.”

This is something a lot of modern Christians don’t understand.  When they think of an “anti-Semite,” they think of someone who hates Jews just for being Jews and wants to massacre them; that, of course, is a sinful, unkinist position to take.  However, when Jews think of an “anti-Semite,” they think of anyone who believes that Jews need to be saved via faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, even if that person has no issues with Jews who are truly Christian.  This Jewish definition of “anti-Semitic” necessarily encompasses every true Bible-believing Christian, and we need to lose our fear of that scare-word or we will soon be forced to choose between avoiding the label or believing in the Bible.

All in all, except for the repeated incorrect use of scare-words, I liked the piece and will be saving it to send out to people in the future to say, “Look at this; this is the worst even our anti-Christian enemies could say about us.”  If not for the scare-words sprinkled throughout, one could almost take the report as actually promoting Kinism.  In fact, the report in many ways is far more charitable to Kinism and willing to take Kinists at their word than many self-professed Christian Alienists, who often seem to have no problem simply lying about our positions so they can denounce us as damned heretics.

I’m actually kind of surprised that this is the worst the ADL could come up with.  As it is, I can fully embrace the rather tame things they are accusing me of in this report.  I mean, “biblical precepts of charity and mercy” – how awful am I, right?