The Black Race is Clearly Demonic

July 25, 2013


Lavere Bryant, a 34 year-old convicted felon wearing a hoodie (typical, huh?), ran into the Dollar Store in Dearborn, Michigan Family Dollar store last week and, for whatever reason, shot White store clerk Joseph Orlando dead in the bathroom. When assistant manager, Brenna Machus went to see what was going on, Bryant abducted the beautiful 20 year-old girl at gunpoint.

He drove Brenna — undoubtedly scared out of her living wits – to a nearby field, for God-knows-what reason (possibly rape, but we may never know) and shot her in the head, killing her. She lay dead for 2 1/2 days, bloating and blackening in the summer heat wave, until someone looking for a shortcut stumbled on what was left of her. Imagine the sight.

Houston, we got a problem. As I’ve said many times on my site, the black race are clearly murderous spoiled brats, killing not only themselves on the street for the most ridiculous reasons imaginable, but also brutally killing perfectly innocent White people like young Brenna Machus here. Us White people do NOT deserve this crap.

And the black race in America knows they are out of control. That’s why you see them getting all militant, trying to gin up lame excuses for their non-stop criminal behavior. It’s always about them being poor, “economically downtrodden” and racially discriminated against by all us racist White people, blah, blah, blah. Nothing but the same worthless lousy excuses, year-in, year-out. Cripes, they get all kinds of financial help, favoritism and affirmative action; just being able to speak in understandable English, gets these spoiled brats jobs and promotions over us Whites. And Hollywood and the media treats them like heroes and victims of Jim Crow every GD minute. The BS never ends, does it?

But it’s not only their criminal actions, either. Look at black hip-hop culture, for crying out loud. These “people” are devolving right in front of our eyes. I’ve personally heard blacks squeal in apelike excitement when one of them does something publicly crazy. I’ve had White cops tell me they’ve found them copulating doggy-style in broad daylight, surrounded by other blacks, male and female, all finding the scene hugely entertaining.

Folks, the black race has always been possessed by demons. Hell, look at how they act in Africa and Haiti. All sorts of satanic voodoo crap goes on there to this very day. They steal homeless children (lots of those wherever blacks live) and butcher them to get at certain body parts for use in African witch doctor rituals called “Muti.” Albino blacks in Africa live in mortal fear because their organs are thought to be so full of juju powers.


White people in South Africa fall prey to these demonic freaks all the time. 17 year-old teenager Anika Smit stayed home sick from school one day when blacks broke in, raped her and cut-off her forearms to sell the hands to African witch doctors. Kristy Theologo and a friend were set on fire while blacks chanted some kind of crazy Muti crap (she died, while her friend lived to tell the tale). A White mother discovered the black family maid had wrapped her baby’s toes with her own stolen hair to create amulets, once the baby’s toes dropped off from lack of circulation.

Folks, this kind of thing is merely one step away from our lands. Some blacks practice voodoo and muti right here in America right the flock now. Nigerians and Somalis are allowed to immigrate here, bringing all sorts of wacked African thinking and murderous tribal ways. Look at England, where two crazy African Muslim immigrant blacks chopped off a White British soldier’s head just last month in broad daylight on the city streets.

As America slides further and further into a Third World nation, who’s to say when us White people will start to regularly fall victim to satanic African and Haitian black magic rituals, if not already? How about the Mexican drug cartels and their evil black religion “Santa Muerta” (Saint of Death)? Tens of thousands of Mexicans fall victim to murder and gruesome tortures from these insanely vicious criminal groups down there every year. It’s actually starting up in America now.

And the traitors in the media and DC want to legalize the illegal Mestizo scum over here already? Un-frikkin-believable.

Rachel Jeantel on CNN’s Piers Morgan show. The British media whore seriously described her as “one smart cookie.” You can readily see the callous darkness and dull stupidity of this race in Jeantel’s eyes above.

Look at that moronic witness in the George Zimmerman trial, Rachel Jeantel, her mother is from Haiti. One look at her eyes (right) and you see a black demon, no matter what fancy makeup and new hairdo they put on the pig, or how much money CNN showered her so she would go on TV with an audience filled with nodding fellow “people of color” (she probably made $50,000, maybe more, and an all expense paid trip to a swanky hotel in Jew York city).

Us White people are way, way too nice for our own good. Here we are, putting up with all this complete BS out this race, day-in, day-out, and the sorry bastards in the media never stop saying that it’s always us White who are the baddies, etc. etc. The question is: How much more of this utter BULLSHIT are we going to take? How much are YOU going to take?

This week, HBO has been running a documentary called ”the Cheshire Murders,” about the Petit family home invasion case in Connecticut; where two young White girls and their mother were killed by two wacked low-life White perps on meth. The crime was indeed astoundingly horrible, with the girls molested and set on fire, while the mother was strangled to death and raped. The father, beaten and tied up, managed to escape the home at the last moment, while the police did practically nothing to save the poor girls.

In no way am I saying horrible crimes are never perpetrated by crazed members of my race. But don’t hold your breath for any documentaries on White families being butchered in such a manner by black criminals, like the Gentry family of five murdered and set afire in Arkansas (2009), or the Harvey family of four (including two beautiful little girls), in Richmond, Virginia (2006).

In fact, this kind of thing happens all the time to Whites at the hands of demonic blacks running loose in America. You just don’t hear about it, because of all the censorship of black crime going on in our country due to Jewish-controlled media.

Now, I talk a lot about the Jews stealthily working to destroy the White race and I damn well mean it. Look at the big picture, for crying out loud. These bastards have been at war with us for decades.

Are the Ashkanazi Khazar Jews working as Satan’s minions on this plane of existence? Maybe so. There may indeed be something to it. Blacks might just be acting black, with satanic Jewish agents setting the stage, allowing them and weaker members of our race and others, to act out their baser, more animal-like lusts and emotions.

Look at how our culture is being turned before our eyes into a sick, morally depraved circus. Turn on the TV and in five minutes you will see something backing up what I say.

I might not be the smartest guy around, nor have the inside scoop on what Satan is up to, but of this I do know: America is being turned into a real-life hell hole for us decent White people. Until you reading this find the guts to start speaking out forcefully to those around you, we will continue on this downward course.