The Curry Woman, the Nazi, and the Daily Mail: The Search for a Civil Rights Heroine!

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2015

The real hero of Australia is this unidentified fat bitch from some other country.
The real hero of Australia is this unidentified fat bitch from some other country.

Daily Mail readers are being asked to identify an Indian woman who they’re bogusly hoping to deify as the public face of anti-fascist resistance.

A pinhead photographer sniffing around Saturday’s Patriots Rally in Melbourne snapped off a pic of the swami suffragette. The incense-fragranced elephant-worshipper is shown standing defiant after allegedly being told to piss off while on predominantly patriot turf as she walked to her parked car.

Of course, she had to have done something to raise the mob’s ire, as they would otherwise have paid no attention to her whatsoever. In this case she stuck her numnum nose in by yelling that, “Islam is a peaceful religion” when she realized what the rally was about.

Yum-yum-yum and yes to diversity! Wow!
Yum-yum-yum and yes to diversity! Wow! What courage!

Her insolent assertion did not, as she may have misguidedly assumed, inspire the crowd to discard their patriotic banners, hang their heads in shame, and march off home to contemplate how wrong they’ve been all this time. Instead, she was profoundly shocked and confused to find herself being told to “fuck off” and have these ‘skips’ inform her that she was “fucking scum” who “(doesn’t) belong here.” By “here” they meant on their side of the protest line, because she was quickly directed to where the Social Justice Warrior socialist sewage’s lot was congregated.

“Go over there! Go over there! You don’t belong here! Go to their side. They’re scum. Goodbye! Bye! P*** off,” she was indecently instructed.

The gorgon mob’s reaction makes absolutely no sense unless viewed through the lens of logic. Without applying logic, you have this bizarre situation in which a foreigner grandstands among a group of amped-up members of the United Patriots Front during an organised protest, and contradicts them on an issue they felt passionate enough to rally over.

But if we went and applied logic to everything there’d have been no protest in the first instance. The country would still be homogeneously White and free of ‘race issues’ that multiply exponentially when the left has nothing else to whine about.

The article’s author, no doubt working from the account of the instigating photographer, Kenji Wardenclyffe (who gets a nice plug in the DM’s story and is already smugly fielding comments on his cheesy FB page), gives an incongruous version of events. Next in this harrowing-but-redeeming tale of the unidentified Indian woman who took on the Nazis, a male voice is reported to have repeatedly yelled for reasons not explored, “This is AUSTRALIA! He has the right to freedom of speech! Shut up!”

The enemy gathers against the true Australia - Islamic Moslems.
The enemy gathers against the true Australia – Islamic Moslems.

However, if you take into account that this pesky Punjabi was most likely trying to yell over a patriot speaker, given the source admits she was urging the demonstrators “not to generalise about Islam” then our best mate logic frames the commentary in an understandable context that undermines the credibility of the story’s tone.

This is when our old friend the Nazi in the swastika T-shirt enters the story, as he has become the icon of ‘hate’ for the whole narrative surrounding the rally. He was the one urging her to go and join the counter protesters, the big scary Nazi he is. Yep, Wardenclyffe is making a packet off his pics of this local skinhead who, this author has on the highest authority from solid Australian sources, is regarded as a “nut” and an “embarrassment” to all.

One established Australian Nationalist spokesperson described him simultaneously (and wittily) as both the “Car park Canaris” and “The Reichsmarschall of Richmond”, firstly in reference to a boneheaded incident in a car park, and secondly to his latest notoriety. In short, he was NOT representative of the United Patriots Front, its membership, or indeed any other organised nationalist group in Australia and so making him emblematic of the patriots is either under-researched or outright devious.

And this is where the Wardenclyffe troll/photographer enters the frame again, since he was responsible for that other iconic picture from Melbourne’s reclaim Australia rally with the tattooed Nazi squaring off with the taller, more reasoned coloured man. The DM simultaneously wishes to milk the rally story for all it can to promote its very Jewish agenda and stuff Wardenclyffe’s bank account once more.

Hell, this suckfish snapper even got quoted, as he spoke of how the little Jewel of India maintained her aplomb. “She seemed more bothered and offended by the whole situation than rattled,” he reckoned, preening himself.

“She remained relatively calm and composed for the entire duration of the confrontation.”

Well, let’s see how composed she remains when she finally steps forth for her fifteen seconds of heroic fame as a Social Justice Heroine and we get a name and social media accounts to have a bit of mischief with.

Meanwhile, our troll army can have a hoot flooding the journalist’s inbox with bogus leads as to her identity. Right at the top of the story he provides his email address precisely for this purpose. We share it here in the hope that you good folks do the White thing and waste this hack’s time like he’s been busily wasting everybody else’s.

Just hit and tell him you know who the mysterious Indian woman is, ’cos she’s a dot-head maid named Rani that you hired off Gumtree as a housekeeper who made off with your grandmother’s life savings.