The Electric Universe Illuminates Recent Discoveries

Daily Stormer
July 13, 2013

A Wall Thornhill speech, from August of last year.

Wall Thornhill – The Electric Universe is a cosmology that argues the powerful electromagnetic force plays a dominant role in the birth and life of stars. This new paradigm is an extension of well-established plasma cosmology. The Electric Universe has unequalled success in predicting and simply explaining many new discoveries in the space age without requiring ad hoc modifications and the introduction of unobservable entities and non-physical concepts. In this paper a new concept is introduced to explain enigmatic features of planetary nebulae.

In my perception, the Jews with their Einstein gravity gibberish are purposefully holding back an advancement of our understanding of the nature of the universe – perhaps because such an understanding would bring into question their sickening atheist/materialist/nihilist paradigm, which they are so intent on forcing on our people.

As Dr. Pierce often noted, true scientific research would lead to a greater understanding of the spiritual nature of our existence on this physical plane.