The End of the USSA

Modern Heretic
August 16, 2014


If you’d asked me a few years ago how long I thought my nation would last as it shambles forward as a zombie toward a dark future, I would have said at least a few more decades. Now that answer seems almost insanely optimistic. Powerful forces are converging and we’re now past the point of no return. This year non-White children will out number White children in public schools. Whites are being replaced, killed and diluted into mulatto slaves. Our cities are burning, the only thing holding back total negro anarchy is a police state. The open southern border welcomes criminals, looters and disease. No one in authority is doing anything. Like a plane with every engine on fire and the pilot collapsed dead across the controls the U.S.S.A. rushes toward the unforgiving ground.
“Is the U.S.S.A. savable?” is no longer a question that even needs to be dignified. The question is what will take its place. I can imagine several possible scenarios.

White Reconquest. The White race organizes and turns back the tide. Perhaps unlikely, but it won’t be the first time in history this has happened. The negro and la-teen-oh are removed, our borders and shores are secured by military might. The jew nation wrecker and the careerist White scumbag must answer for their treason. The “over-crowded” prisons are emptied, their worthless alien occupants put down. Rule of law is restored. Pride in White heritage is taught in our schools and celebrated in our media. A golden age of science, culture and economic prosperity begins. It’s this distant dream that keeps me going when things look the darkest.


Authoritarian Paradise. The U.S.A. is restored and resembles the America of the fifties or modern day Russia. Freedom of association guides every policy and de facto segregation immediately occurs. Non-White criminality is controlled by immediate and harsh punishments, including summary reprisals when the victim is White. Our government is strong and acts unilaterally to advance White interests. A single national vision is restored. Identity politics and anti-American indoctrination is illegal. There are still non-White problems and the possibility of the government losing its power from within (jew subversion, non-White population explosion) or without (sanctions or open warfare). This is still far more desirable than the following options, all of which are also more likely.


Balkanization. One of the more likely outcomes. Central authority collapses and after open civil war North America reorganizes itself along racial lines. The White nation that results will be constantly embattled and forced to fight for its survival against numerically superior dark hordes. If we survive this onslaught there will at least be a future for Whites, even if it means being confined to a small geographical area that will be constantly targeted by the other failed nations representing non-Whites. The best case scenario sees this White homeland eventually reclaiming the continent (see above).


Brazil North. The rots devours America, but the extremely wealthy jews manage to insulate themselves and retain nominal control over a ruined nation of tan everymen. Crime and poverty are rampant, the major sources of income are picking through trash heaps, petty street crime and kidnapping. There are coast-to-coast slums. Whites hover at extinction levels and are constantly attacked by the non-White majority and blamed for the nation’s spectacular failure by those in power. In the absence of Whites to prey on the “diversity” turns on itself, attacking light-skinned negroes and la-teen-ohs. There is no future and no hope for one.


New South Africa. The negro or la-teen-oh uses their superior numbers to seize power and the predictable disaster follows. Killing Whites is the official policy of what passes for a government and the nation resembles a constantly burning war zone. Whites huddle in fortified enclaves that are forced to pay negro protection money in punitive taxation. It’s not uncommon for “the one good one” to be brought into these walled fortresses, only for them to turn on their White benefactors at the first convenient moment. Eventually all Whites are killed or flee and then the grinding poverty, starvation, and African pathology will settle in as described below.


All Against All. The government collapses and nothing replaces it. Everything burns. Tribal warlords struggle for power but are quickly replaced at the first sign of weakness. The infrastructure collapses with no one to maintain it and a long dark night begins. Whites are a distant memory and something the brown alien occasionally curses as it walks through the ruins it created, searching for food and water that aren’t available. With no outside assistance the continent will be nearly empty after a generation, the few survivors returning to a stone age existence, governed by fear, violence and superstition. It is the depths of winter, when even the memory of summer’s warmth is long gone, with no expectation it will ever return.
This is what we’re fighting against. We must save our race.