Reflecting on the Progress of the Genocidal Jewish Agenda in 2013

News From Atlantis
January 4, 2014

It’s a different date, but the age old agenda against us remains the same.

2013 was a year of absolute liberal lunacy. The New Year is already showing signs of continuing the ever-accelerating march to the total genocide of the European nation and all that we hold dear.

In 2013, the liberal bigots showed their true colours in their hypocritical reactions to the deaths of Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela. Whilst anti-Internationalists treated the deaths as simply a welcome end to an equally odious pair of servants of International Finance Imperialism, the liberal bigots reacted to each quite differently. Whereas Thatcher’s death was greeted with street parties and even record sales of the Wizard of Oz song, “Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead”, Mandela’s demise was treated with reverence and much sycophantic adulation. The liberal thugs in uniform who disgrace the uniforms of the British police, did nothing to stop their fellow liberals dancing in the streets to mock Thatcher, but they were quick to kick in the doors of those who dared to fail to genuflect before the dead Butcher of Johannesburg. Why the contrast? Because Thatcher used the rhetoric of national salvation (even though her policies were thoroughly Internationalist), and Mandela murdered Whites and anti-Internationalist Blacks.

2013 headline from the Daily Mail
2013 Headline from the Daily Mail.

2013 was the year of the pædophile. The UK media found itself in a very uncomfortable position, as the truth of pædophile rape crimes inflicted upon the indigenous population by colonisers (mostly Pakistanis), became public knowledge and could no longer be denied by the opinion formers. In order to minimise the crimes of the unwelcome immigrants, the media chose to throw the spotlight onto the dead DJ, Jimmy Savile and other show business personalities.

In tandem with the smoke screen to focus attention upon well known television and music ‘stars’, the failure of the police to arrest Pakistanis in Rochdale who had raped many, many, indigenous children, was brushed off as Class bias, pointing to the fact that most of the victims were Working Class children. By a simple sleight of hand, the race and faith of the perpetrators was swept aside and focus moved onto social classification. This same despicable media manipulation was applied across the country. The on-going religiously and racially-motivated destruction of the indigenous youth of the UK was quietly pushed out of view by Class Politics and Celebrity Gossip. Our children were condemned to be at the mercy of the colonisers, by the mass media with its smoke and mirrors pro-multi culti propaganda.

Jew pornographers
Jew pornographers.

The cynical government used the Jimmy Savile media frenzy to usher in legislation banning anonymous access to Internet pornography. The availability of free pornography had seen many porn shops close down due to people no longer paying to watch pornographic DVDs. This, naturally, damaged the income of the mainly Jewish porn barons, and so the prohibition of free porn was a way in which to transfer money into the grubby hands of the pornography mafia. Banning free porn in no way impacts upon the immigrant rape of children, or the pædophilic practices of the Establishment. Of course, alongside protecting the revenue of the porn industry, the legislation for the banning of sites classed as immoral was so loosely defined that it allows for the silencing of thought criminals who oppose he despots in government – which, doubtless, is the real purpose of this legislation.

Moving into 2014, the liberal hypocrites are already flexing their muscles in their endless pursuit of total domination of society. The faux nationalist party, UKIP, has made much of the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union. The nauseatingly multi-culti, pro-NATO, anti-protectionist and wholly globalist UKIP, has issued a number of videos with African, Oriental, Jewish, Pakistani and other non-Europeans dictating to the indigenous population that in order to save the UK from foreigners, we must evict all EU nationals. UKIP has slandered our brothers and sisters in the new EU states by pushing the lie that the gypsy vermin which has crept into those lands is representative of the indigenous population. If UKIP was honest, it would call for the return of all gypsies to Asia, but that would necessarily draw attention to the Asian rabble who have no right to be in the UK, but are here in vast numbers in the Pakistani colonies. UKIP is so sickeningly multi-culti that party members probably do believe that foreigners with UK documents miraculously become our kin by possessing such hallowed pieces of paper.

The National Black Police Association advocating for Blacks.
The National Black Police Association claiming to be speaking for the Police.

Not to be outdone by the lunatics of UKIP, Keith Vaz – the coloniser from Aden who now infests Westminster by virtue of the votes received by the vast coloniser population of alien-occupied Leicester – has called for a public vote to stop further European immigration into the European country of the UK. Vaz is a notorious anti-indigenous racist, who has campaigned for his entire political career to stop our people from voicing opposition to the occupation of our lands by the flotsam and jetsam of the third world. His plan would see Europeans expelled and the end of all restrictions on non-White immigration. This enemy of the UK would see our people genocided by a never-ending invasion of non-Europeans, and the butchery of those to whom our country belongs. Vaz may not be a member of UKIP, but his views are no different from those pushed by them.

2014 is gearing up to be a year of danger for Europe. The non-Europeans of Albania and Turkey are being brought closer and closer to EU membership, which will see the end of the European race if it is allowed to happen. Albania needs to be recaptured by Europe, and the Turks who currently infest it sent back to their ancestral homeland; a homeland which must never be allowed access to Europe, and indeed which must be pushed out of occupied East Thrace.

You can find out the name and address of your councillors here.
You can find out the name and address of UK councilors here.

The liberal stranglehold of the media is such that the only solution to our plight – the absolute removal of all non-Europeans from all European soil – is not even being discussed outside fringe circles. It needs to be more than discussed, it needs to be implemented, even if it has to be done a house at a time. It could be that we are passed the point of no return and that we are already on our way to extinction. It could be that we now are at that point, and that if we ACT now, we can save our people. Doing nothing is not an option. Shying away from action because action is illegal is absolute cowardice. We have to take action in the real world, and to hell with the liberals and their police lackeys. 2014 could be a year for the Resistance to make a difference; but, only if we play our part and stop waiting for someone else to do the vital work for us.

The enemy sits in Council Offices, police stations, parliaments.  The colonisers tend to live in parallel communities, and given financial incentives to leave (alongside stopping financial incentives to stay), would be very easy to return to their own countries.  The real enemy is not the opportunists in the colonies, but the internal enemies and the Talmudic overlords who created the multi-culti nightmare to begin with. In many cases those who are actively betraying us are elected representatives who submit their home addresses to public sources for all to view. If they were to be made aware that their treacherous actions have consequences, maybe they would not be so hasty to aid the colonisers and persecute the indigenous population. The very least we can do is to persuade them to change their ways. If we are too spineless to do even this much, we deserve to lose everything; but our children do not deserve this fate simply because we are too cowardly to take steps to save them.