The Gift of White Genocide

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
October, 2013

When they integrated our schools with Blacks through forced busing in the 1960s, exposing our sons and daughters to perpetual harassment and violence and a lower standard of education, White America eventually accepted it, lest they be labeled “racist.”

When they sent our sons and daughters to Iraq to be slaughtered and mentally tortured in search of weapons of mass destruction that it turns out never existed in the first place, White America didn’t complain much, that would be “unpatriotic.”

When the great industrialist and auto-maker Henry Ford spent millions trying to alert us of the dangers of Jewish subversion, White America hung him out to dry, God forbid they be considered “anti-Semitic.”

When the homosexuals started prancing and marching up and down the street wearing asschaps, waving around double sided dildos and rubber fists, White America bit their tongues and let it happen, because of course, they are not “intolerant.”

When George Lincoln Rockwell went blue in the face trying to warn White America that “its the Communists, they’re the real enemy and many of them are right here in America,” White Americans shuttered at the sight of him. They weren’t going to be caught dead supporting an evil “Nazi.”

Then, when it looked as though things couldn’t get any worse, as if handed to us by divine providence, we were given the gift that keeps on giving and keeps getting brighter every day.

The gift of White Genocide.


We couldn’t have asked for a better propaganda tool to wake up the masses of terrified, indoctrinated Whites!

If violent crime against our children by the nonwhite hordes couldn’t do it.

If having our sons and daughters getting their limbs blown off and minds destroyed over a pack of lies couldn’t do it.

If being robbed of half of our hard-earned wealth by greedy Jewish bankers couldn’t do it.

If a charismatic leader with the truth and a simple solution couldn’t do it.

If a television screen filled to the brim with sexual degenerates hellbent on converting our children into their perverse lifestyle hasn’t done it yet…

…then impending genocide of our entire race surely will, right?


The day is quickly approaching when White Genocide will ignite our primal survival instinct; if it doesn’t, then we really don’t deserve to live anyway.

The more obvious this White Genocide becomes…

The more Whites who are raped and killed by primitive nonwhites…

The more people that hear and understand the Mantra

The more the anti-Whites are going to be called to account for things that they have no clear excuse for.

For one, why does it seem that we have:


Certain people among our race – the kind that know how to get things done – are going to catch wind of this White Genocide, and they are not going to be happy.

These certain people are not going to have to understand the details of the truth about the Holocaust. They are not going to have to understand the Jews, or what really happened on 911 – all they are going to have to come to terms with is the fact that our people are being systematically annihilated.

The enemy will teach them the rest by doing the only thing they know how to do: viciously attack and denigrate anyone who questions their agenda.

naziAs this concept of White Genocide becomes more well known, the whole anti-White “political correctness” paradigm is going to collapse under its own weight, exposing our current system for what it truly is: anti-White.

Calling people ‘racists’ for simply wanting to exist is not going to work forever.


There is going to be a HUGE backlash. When that day finally comes – and it is coming soon – the sacred 14 words shall be fulfilled, as the White man returns to take back what is his.