The Golden Dawn: Blood of King Leonidas

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2013

Andrew Anglin Thermopylae

Last night, I rode with members and supporters of the Golden Dawn to Thermopylae, the site where the Great and Mighty Spartan King Leonidas held off the Asian hordes, saving all of Europe from conquest by the Persian Empire. Thousands attended the demonstration held in memorial of the 2493rd anniversary of this most crucial event in the history of our people.

I looked upon the pass through the Trachinian Cliffs, where the Good King, descendent of Heracles, stood with his 300 eternal warriors; all of them knew they were going to die that day, and fought all the harder for it. These men understood, on the deepest spiritual level, that in giving their lives, they were assuring the survival of their progeny – the survival of the White European race – and that this is the true definition of immortality.

I looked upon the young men of the Golden Dawn, and thanked God that such bravery and honor still exists among our race.

I walked the path where Ephialtes led the hordes, betraying his brothers, and thought of those vile White men who today are selling us out to the Jews and their savage hordes.

I remembered that with each passing day draws nearer the Day of the Rope, when Holy Retribution will come down on them like Fire from the Gods.

Remember Who You Are

To live forever.

The annual demonstration’s purpose is both to honor the dead and to inspire the living to remember who they are, to stir up the power of their ancestors which still flows through their veins. Both objectives were achieved, as the crowd roared, waving their flags high as the sun went down and torches were lit in front of the massive statue of King Leonidas.

Elias Kasidiaris.
Elias Kasidiaris.

Several party members gave speeches, including Spokesman Elias Kasidiaris, who recounted the events of the historic battle, along with General Secretary Nikolaos Michaloliakos, who stated that the Golden Dawn are the modern Spartans, in the midst of their own Battle of Thermopylae, with the invading hordes of the East already well within the gates, with traitors more vile than Ephialtes assisting them in their conquest of our ancient ancestral homeland.

Here is the closing ceremony of the event, where torches were lit.

Darkest Before the Golden Dawn


It is an amazing time to be alive, as we stand at the crossroads, where we, the White Race, will either bow out die as cowards or set the whole world on fire and achieve immortality.

Though the days have surely never been darker, standing with the Mighty Warriors of the Golden Dawn in that holy ground where our ancient ancestors gave their lives to preserve our sacred blood heritage, I was left without doubt that Europa shall prevail.

In this land where our civilization was born, so shall it be born again.

Hail Victory.

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