The Holocaust™ – Organized Jewry’s Psychological Weapon Against Westerners, Particularly Americans

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November 8, 2013

SYNOPSIS: The purpose of this article is to explain how the “Holocaust” is used as a psychological weapon against the American public and, more broadly, against the greater Western World.  The “Holocaust” is a Psy-op “product” — a product that is branded, packaged, and sold.  What are Jews selling? They are selling so-called “Jewish victimhood” … so-called “Jewish suffering.”

Think of the word “Holocaust” as a marketing brand. It is an extremely powerful brand because Jews have been promoting it via their domination of American news media and Hollywood. The end result? A Pavlovian-type response from John/Jane Q. Citizen when he/she hears the word “Holocaust.” A person simply says the word “Holocaust” and the average American experiences an emotion of sadness/horror and, “… oh those poooooor poooooor Jews and those evil, horrible Nazis…. terrible… just terrible… the horror of it all.” If that’s how you feel when you hear the word “Holocaust” then you have been conditioned due to a lifetime of watching American TV/film/etc (which is Jewish dominated).

John/Jane Q. Citizen’s emotion-laden response is the primary purpose and goal of a decades-long, Jewish driven “Holocaust” campaign. This campaign went into overdrive in August 1971 (NOTE: It started during the Nuremberg Trials following WWII but was radically accelerated in 1971). Incidentally, prior to 1971, the actual word “Holocaust” wasn’t a word any American had ever heard of. The word “Holocaust” came out of a focus group meeting at the Jewish Documentation Center in Vienna, Austria. The goal was to brand this particular WWII event (i.e., that which involved Jews, camps, etc) and ultimately cause a Pavlovian-type response when a person simply heard the word “Holocaust.”

They chose “Holocaust” because they felt it was both memorable and descriptive. Further, they made sure it was always spelled with a capital “H” to elevate its “importance.” Next, the Jewish Documentation Center and later the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles endlessly promoted the “Holocaust” brand to the public in conjunction with their brethren in Jewish-dominated Hollywood.

So what’s this all about? Basically, Jews want you to feel sorry for them. Why? Because any group of people viewed as “victims” tend to be allowed much leeway within society. Perceived “victims” get away with doing all kinds of questionable acts (simply consider what Israel gets away with) because of human tendency to side with the perceived underdog/victim. Hence, most people naturally think, “oh give them a break… haven’t those poor people suffered enough…”.  This tactic works like a charm.

It’s important to grasp this particular Jewish tactic — keep your eyes and ears open for it in your day-to-day life. Once you recognize this tactic in a media story, film, news item, etc you’ll have begun the process of becoming “awake” (at least with respect to the “Holocaust”).

Let’s look at the actual brand names.  There’s the main brand, Holocaust™, as well as several (I call them) sub-brands.

Holocaust™ (the all-encompassing brand — the main brand — the ‘top-level’ brand)

And, as just stated, the “Holocaust” is also marketed to the public with many sub-brands which fall into two categories (incidentally, these are repeated so often in the media, they essentially become powerful brands in their own right):

1 – Single words/names ….and

2 – Slogans

Again, I’ll repeat this very important point — think of these additional words/names/slogans as sub-brands since they fall under the all-encompassing brand –> Holocaust™. The most common of the Holocaust™ sub-brands are:

Auschwitz™ (there were many German-run camps and yet we only hear about Auschwitz – this was a deliberate decision by the Jewish propagandists – keep the public focused on a single camp because they’ll remember the name of one camp, but if you throw 20 camps at them, they’ll remember none).

6 Million™ (more like 1 million Jews died of all causes — Jewish deaths resulted from, 1) pro-Soviet Jews fighting as partisans on the Eastern front, 2) massive USAF/RAF carpet bombings of Germany and other Axis targets, and 3) starvation/disease which was rampant in the camps and elsewhere in Europe at the tail end of the war, as nearly everyone, Jews and Gentiles, were starving/dying of disease since Europe was in ruins).

Never Again™ (the implication is that all of humanity must work to protect Jews).

Never Forget™ (the implication is that Jews must be classified as the “ultimate victim group,” thus setting the stage for ongoing monetary restitution and sympathy for Jews).

Oh the horror™ (Jews seem to ‘love’ the word “horror” as its more dramatic sounding than, say, “tragedy” or “abomination”… nearly every Holocaust story will use “horror” to characterize some event of the Holocaust).

Gas Chambers™ (yes, but only for delousing clothes and mattresses; no human was ever gassed to death by the Germans).

Anne Frank™ (they’ve marketed her as a sort of ‘martyr’).

Perished™ (Jews never say “died” when referring to the Holocaust… instead they always use the more dramatic word “perished”).

The Holocaust is the most documented genocide in human history™ (and yet no concrete documentation… FYI: Bad Arolsen’s I.T.S. archive amounts to nothing more than 28MM documents of chaff… it’s nothing more than standard and mundane German records pertaining to all facets of the war).

My whole family was wiped out™ (absurd… they all say this… impossible to check out their stories).

We fled the Nazis in 1933™ (1934, 1935, 36, 37… fill in the year). Jews like the word “fled” because it sounds dramatic – as if Jews were running from SS soldiers shooting at them. In reality, 95% of Jews simply felt the pressure, packed their belongings, bought a train or boat ticket, boarded, and left Germany.

We lived in an attic/cellar/closet/etc for 3 years hiding from the Nazis™ (the odd frequency of such stories combined with their absurdity makes them not believable).

Dr. Mengele™ (one of many doctors at Auschwitz™ and yet seemingly every Jew amazingly had an encounter with him.  Further Dr. Mengele was a hygienist MD who worked at Auschwitz™ to examine inmates for proper hygiene in order to keep them alive).

Angel of Death™ (the moniker of Dr. Mengele – “Angel of Death???” Straight from a Hollywood script writer).

As with any business, the “Holocaust” needs a corporate spokesman:

Elie Wiesel - The "Patron Saint" of the Holocaust™
Elie Wiesel – The “Patron Saint” of the Holocaust™

Further, the Holocaust™  industry has a headquarters facility – The Simon Wiesenthal Center.  The Holocaust™ industry also has a separate facility for marketing operations (and also acting as its flagship indoctrination center) … The Museum Of Tolerance.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center  1399 Roxbury Drive Los Angeles, CA 90035
The Simon Wiesenthal Center 1399 Roxbury Drive Los Angeles, CA 90035


The Museum Of Tolerance (operated by The Simon Wiesenthal Center) 9786 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035
The Museum Of Tolerance (operated by The Simon Wiesenthal Center)
9786 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is the de facto headquarters where Jewish propagandists scheme and strategize on how best to use the so-called “Holocaust” as a psychological weapon against the Western World.  The Simon Wiesenthal Center works closely with their Jewish brethren in Hollywood to flood Western media with endless films/TV mini-series’, as well as both print and broadcast “news” items which perpetuate “Holocaust” dogma.  Holocaust “survivors” on the public school speaking circuit get their talking points (i.e., guidelines) from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  The objective is to maintain a public perception of Jews being, “the ultimate victim group.”  Incidentally, the two other main “Holocaust” propaganda mills are the ADL offices in New York and Yad Vashem in Israel.

Regarding the Museum Of Tolerance… tolerance???  What “tolerance” have Jews shown the Palestinians in the 65 years after they stole their land?  What “tolerance” have Jews ever shown Christians, Muslims, or any Gentile peoples?  Each day, school buses filled with impressionable children visit this “museum” where they are implicitly told that Whites are evil, horrible, racist, enslaving oppressors.  In short, this “museum” indoctrinates school children to hate Whites.  Everything Jews accuse Germans of, Jews are guilty of, whereas Germans are, for all intents and purposes, guilty of none such things.  While Jews will never publicly admit it, they feel superior to all Gentiles (Jews refer to non-Jews as “goy” i.e., cattle).  Jews call themselves “The Chosen People.”  Hence, the corollary is that if you’re not Jewish, you’re not chosen (i.e., you’re “less”).  This mindset is known as Jewish Supremacism.  Take thirty minutes out of your busy life and learn the truth about the holocaust… What Was The Holocaust… What Actually Happened?

Lastly, organized Jewry uses the Holocaust™ as a way to unify all Jewish people.  How???  By constantly reminding Jews of the Holocaust, this embeds a collective victimhood psyche in the mind of each Jew… a victimhood of “epic proportion”(i.e.,  the supposed “6 million” Holocaust victims).  This historical “memory” is generally felt by each and every Jew in the world.  Guilt is placed on the Germans but, even more broadly, guilt is pinned on the whole of the Western World for supposedly “remaining silent while the ‘gas chambers’ were operating around the clock.”  Amazingly, some Jewish “scholars” have even placed the entire world responsible for, “turning a blind eye to this supposed mass genocide of 6 million Jews.”  The end result???  A “us -vs- them” psyche in each and every Jew’s mind (i.e., “we Jews must stick together and be on constant guard against the Gentiles”).  In closing, the unifying use of the “Holocaust” is something which many Jews openly promote – dozens of books by Jewish authors have been published on the topic of the “Holocaust” being a powerful and very effective force toward maintaining cohesion of world Jewry.