The Myth of White Supremacism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2013

Racial Nationalism is an organized defense mechanism against alien threats, a means to secure the safety of our progeny.
Racial Nationalism is an organized defense mechanism against alien threats, a means to secure the safety of our progeny.

Throughout the existence of the pro-White movement, there have been those who have labeled individuals of European descent who wish to preserve their culture and heritage as “White supremacists.”  I would like to hereby not only protect myself and my comrades in the pro-White movement from persecution under this Orwellian label, but also point out that I am not myself aware of any organized “White supremacism” existing at all, anywhere.

Let’s first look at the word itself.  Merriam-Webster defines a “supremacist” as

a person who believes that one group of people is better than all other groups and should have control over them

So, there are two criteria one must meet in order to fit the definition of a “supremacist”: one must believe that a group is better than all other groups, and also must believe that this group should control all other groups.

The first part, believing a group – which would presumably be one’s own racial/ethnic/cultural group, unless we are talking about Christian Zionists – is better than all others, is hardly a threat to anyone, and, I would argue, is a perfectly natural, healthy sentiment for any group to have.

As I have mentioned before, I have spent a good part of my twenties among third world “primitive” peoples, and often use these experiences as a general standard by which to assess basic human psychology.  One thing that is blatantly clear when visiting multiple tribal peoples living in the same general region is that each group considers itself to be better than all surrounding groups, and they have no problem expressing this view to visitors.  They each believe that their own arts, foods, families and particular religious persuasions are superior to those of their neighbors.  They will also, pretty well universally, claim that they are friendlier, better at hunting, dancing and everything else, and that their women are the prettiest.

This is not something which is solely associated with racial or ethnic lines – quite to the contrary.  We see this throughout all strata of civil society.  What would be the purpose of cheering on one’s local sports team, if one thought it was just the same as an out of town sports team?  What would be the purpose of being a member of a religion, if one thought all religions were equal?  What would be the purpose of engaging in politics, if one thought all positions were the same?  Just so, what would be the purpose of celebrating and defending one’s race and culture, if one did not believe they were special, having some characteristic that none others can match?

The Jewish concept of egalitarianism, like other ideologies that the Jewish race has pushed upon our people, is little more than a canard, and in direct opposition to the fundamental order of nature. The tendency for a unique group to celebrate its uniqueness by comparing its characteristics and customs with those of other groups is a basic human instinct, and if all things are equal, it harms exactly no one, making it so that the various groups can effectively protect their own interests, as well as providing a mutual understanding which can serve as a framework for inter-group relations.

I am not the least bit uncomfortable with other races feeling about their own people as I do about mine – just as it is natural for a White man to view his own genetic heritage and culture as superior to that of the Blacks and Asians, it is natural for Blacks and Asians to feel their own respective races and cultures are superior to those of Whites.  I would feel much more comfortable trying to work with a proud Black Nationalist – or a “Black Supremacist,” in Jewspeak – than I would with a sniveling Uncle Tom who wishes to assimilate into White society.

As I believe we have established that there is nothing fundamentally dangerous or threatening about a group, racial or otherwise, believing that it is better than other groups, in the sense that they favor it over all others, let us move on to the second part of the definition, which is that one must hold a belief that one group has a right to rule over all others.

This second bit is something altogether different.  Surely I, as well as all others in the White nationalist movement, do indeed favor our own people over other races, but this in no way translates into a desire to rule over, control, or otherwise shape the destiny of other racial groups.  In fact, though it is possible that they exist, I have never in my life come in contact with a White man who believes that Whites have a right to rule over any other people.  White Nationalists are, by definition, separatists, and thus have no interest in even coming in contact with any significant numbers of people of other races, let alone an interest in going into other people’s societies and trying to control them.

The only people who are actively and openly attempting to control peoples of other races are the Jews, who control all White societies from top to bottom, and have, since 9/11, been using the military might of these White nations to invade and dominate the Muslim people.  They openly control our media, our financial system, our industry and our government, and feel that they have a right to do this because of their perceived racial superiority.

To Hate or Not to Hate

When attacking the pro-White movement, there is also a lot of talk about “hatred,” so I should also give some brief comment on that point.

Firstly, “hate” is an emotion, and not a behavior, and thus is not relevant to any political discussion whatsoever.  The argument, of course, is that certain behavior patterns are “fueled by hatred,” but this is an unprovable assumption, and whether a behavior is a result of inner hatred or some other drive does not effect the outcome of the behavior, and so it is only logical to look at the behavior itself, rather than the presumed emotion behind it.

My problem with the Jews is not that they hate my people – I could care less what type of emotion they feel toward me or my race.  My problem with them is that they insist on controlling my society, altering it in ways that are objectively detrimental to our survival as a people, feeding on the blood and sweat of our brothers and sisters.  If they were outside of my country, in some other land, sitting around hating me and mine, why would I possibly care?  Are my feelings supposed to be hurt, because of an emotion that a group of people has toward me?  The emotions of the Jews are none of my concern.  I am concerned with their behavior.

These Jews, having used their control over the cultural industry and academic world to destroy our traditional Christian faith, have replaced it with a secular religion, which is complete with cardinal sins.  Lust, gluttony and greed are now celebrated, but as it is our nature to desire rules to live by, they have told us that we must avoid with the greatest care any form of hatred directed against what is perceived as a protected group.  So, whereas hatred for Christianity and other aspects of traditional White society is encouraged – now almost required in the Marxist world of academia – hatred toward “minority” racial groups or sexual deviants is considered amongst the most vile of immorality.  They exploit the kind and gentle nature of the White race, telling us we must be “tolerant,” lest we hurt someone’s feelings.  Oh, and of course, hatred is the first step toward a new Holocaust, and we can’t have that, can we?

This is a War

The issue here is, if we are to consider hate, outside of any political discussion, we might find that there is nothing unreasonable, and certainly nothing unnatural, about hating a people who is trying to control and rule over you.  One might even say that a hatred of ones enemies is a necessity, as it ensures that a man has the strength necessary for doing what needs to be done in dealing with them.  God programmed our psyches with the ability to feel this emotion for a reason.

The Jews are the eternal racial enemy of my people, and I absolutely hate them.  For this I shall make no apology.  To a lesser extent, I hate all nonwhites who are in my country, as they are a threat to the continued existence of my people, and for this I also refuse to make an apology.

White Nationalism is a response to the threats our people face.  If it was not for the Jew and his international policies, we would be a White Nation without a need to specifically identify as such.  This is the natural order, and it is as it has always been.  But we are at war.  White Nationalism is a organizational system, a defense mechanism we’ve activated against an organized threat to our survival, and so the only people who we are a threat to are those who are a threat to us.

We are not “supremacists,” we have no desire to rule over the other races of this planet.  We desire self-determination and we desire to secure our existence and a homeland for White children.

Hail Victory.