The Other Refugee Crisis: 900,000 Ukrainians Displaced by Jew Slaughter Campaign

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2015

Getting Jewed.
Getting Jewed.

Following the Jewish coup in the Ukraine, Jews began a mass slaughter of civilians, bizarrely using the same fake-Nazi army they used to stage the revolution.


More than 900,000 Ukrainians have fled conflict in the country since the beginning of a military operation in April 2014, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in a report.

“According to government sources in receiving countries, the total number of people seeking asylum or other forms of legal stay in neighbouring countries now stands at 900,300, with the majority going to the Russian Federation (746,500) and Belarus (81,200),” the report issued Friday read.

Besides Russia and Belarus, the list of host countries includes Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, France and many other European countries, according to the report.

“There were 4,603 applications for international protection in Germany, 3,600 in Poland, 2,956 in Italy, 1,962 in Sweden, 1,763 in France, 200 in Moldova, 60 in Romania, 60 in Hungary and 20 in Slovakia,” the UNHCR findings highlighted.

Moreover, a total of 1.35 million of Ukrainian citizens were registered as internally displaced persons (IDPs), the report said.

This is just the beginning of Ukraine in Europe. When the EU officially opens the border, tens of millions are going to pour into the West, bringing not only economic chaos, but quite a few other things Western Europe will not enjoy.

The only winners of this situation are the Jews who get to not only destroy the Ukraine and start a war with Russia, but also use Ukrainians to destroy the West of Europe.