The Phony Humility of Anti-Pope Francis

January 10, 2014

The Shabbas Goy who thinks he has more understanding than Jesus.

Years ago visiting a hospital run by Mother Teresa of Calcutta a nun told me to play with the sick orphaned children saying. “It is nice for them to have a visitor.” Though feeling somehow out of my depth in this task I did my best to amuse them and there was one little girl who was held together with braces from her feet to her shoulders who I felt particularly sorry for.

I picked this girl up twice. the first time she did not mind but the second she became cross and told me in Hindi, “Don’t single me out!” I learnt a big lesson that day that people with disabilities or differences don’t want “to be special” as the Marxists had taught me back home and still teach people today. This child wanted to be like any other child albeit it coping with difficulties all children might find it hard to bear. And she wanted her disability to be completely ignored and not ‘celebrated’ or used as political cannon fodder to give her the ‘special minority status’ the Jews are wont to enforce.


A hard-core Marxist would want to make 99 children disabled so one would not feel left out. This is in effect what is happening in our schools today, To turn an entire class of children into lesbians and homosexuals so that one child with such tendencies would not feel excluded. To ensure all young girls become pregnant and have babies while still in school to justify and get funding for the school crèche while ensuring the girls whose babies are in it do not feel they are an excluded minority, especially very soon if the children are the result of affairs with the male teachers.  At this time it is now quite acceptable and promoted in the Jewsmedia for female paedophile teachers to seduce male pupils.

Essentially this is because Judaism translated into political terms as Marxism or communism is in fact the very opposite of everything Jesus taught. One remembers the classic statement about the modern Pharisaic Jew that  ”Everything God loves they hate and everything they hate God loves.”

When Our Lord Jesus who was God taken the form of a human was confronted by large numbers of sick it was not because either He or as in the case of the Antipope an image-advisor had arranged for them to turn up to make him look good, but because worldly-minded people who had no grasp of the sickness Jesus was really curing; the sickness of evil, materialism, attachment to transitory worldly goods and faces and blindness to their divine origins, brought their sick to be healed.


Jesus did not come to this world to make it a better place or to interfere in a region whose lord is Satan and where there will never and can never be peace, nor did he come to heal the sick, He was neither a physician nor a magician. Jesus said “I have come not to bring peace but with a sword to cut mother from son, father from daughter.” i.e I have come to take certain souls back to the Father whose names are written. I have come to waken them from the slumber of this passing dream and show them the path to their real home.

It is the Jewish messiah who will bring world peace, and when the paedophile priests and the Antipopes tell the people in church to pray for world peace -despite the enlightenment of Jesus on the subject, and largely in the case of the Antipopes through the transnational Jewsmedia especially at Christmas (or as the Jews like to call it Xmas) or Easter, they are speaking of the coming Jew World Order the Jewish messiah will usher in, and I use the word usher appropriately as one who carries a dead body. In that Jew World order there will be “no tolerance for the intolerant” and any unsuccessfully brainwashed microchipped slave who does not submit to a one world government corporate Marxist dictatorship of ‘love and peace’ will have a lobotomy to ‘cure’ them.


And furthermore that messiah will be the fulfillment of the Satanic Talmud, entering a world which as we speak is being carefully prepared for him by the Jews and their freemason and Marxist forces, a world where the sacrifice of living children in the fires of Baal will be returned. A world in which paedophilia, vampirism and bestiality and what Hollywood and Jewtube so fondly promote at the Satanic festival Halloween as ‘Zombiism’ (necrophilia) will be normal and everyday acceptable if not desirable activity.

In effect what the Vatican II sect in alliance with Judaism is working for is the day the paedophile priest and rabbi can abuse children with the blessing of Rome and the law. That is why ‘priests’ now teach that there is no sin except discrimination against people who just happen to be different, who just happen to be ‘gay’ or criminals or ultimately who happen to paedophiles. Paedophiles who are currently suffering painful unmerciful exclusion, paedophobia as well as blatant gender discrimination under the law and in society, longing to be returned to the bosom of the human family, to eat at the table of life. The last in the long line of victims the Antipope has lined up to embrace.

Francis’ abuse of the sick to make public  displays of his humility is sickening. Humility should be humble and private. An example was of a saintly college professor in India who gave all of his earnings that he could spare above leading a simple, unknown to all poverty-stricken life to secretly pay for the education of his poorest pupils. No one knew until after his death.


Francis’ living in a ‘humble guesthouse’ outside the Vatican; a humble guesthouse which is in fact a $20,000,000 five star hotel has nothing to do with humility. Where is the humility in taking away the vocations of that order of nuns whose only task is to care lovingly in the Vatican apartments for the needs of the pope? In their mind caring lovingly as they see it for the ambassador of Christ? Where is the humility in putting the papal valet, car driver, the cleaning and cooking staff out of work? The question is rather what has Francis to hide from prying eyes as he cleans his own room and bars all staff from it when he is out? And is it humility for one who has been elected to the papacy not to have the humility to submit quietly and graciously to the tradition reserved not for him as a man but for him as the elected representative of Christ on earth, which he is certainly not.

1111It takes a huge ego for a pope to call himself after the most humble of the humble of saints St. Francis. No real man of humility would even dare to compare himself in any way to that saint. Had Jorge Bergoglio really been humble he would have done as other popes have done and called himself not after a saint but a previous pope whose work he admired and hoped to carry on. But that would have been a big giveaway for the crypto-Jew who would have had to choose from the list of Satanics who brought about the exile of the true Catholic Church and the inauguration of the Vatican II Sect. resist-pope-who-openly-destroys-the-church