The Plundering of Europa

Islam Versus Europe
December 20, 2013

Welcome to Jolly Olde London: Capital City of Africa or Pakistan or whatever.  I can't remember.
Welcome to Jolly Olde London: Capital City of Africa or Pakistan or whatever. I can’t remember.

A blog post in the Telegraph today helped crystallise my thoughts on something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Here is an extract:

Like almost everyone I encounter in London, I come from somewhere else. I’m one of millions of economic migrants who feel they have to (for now) be in London to earn a living. Incidentally, having a transient middle class is what makes the centre of London so enchanting on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The place is just about deserted. Almost everyone seems to have gone home, if they still think of where they originally came from as home (I do). Any day now, off we go, driving home for Christmas, to Yorkshire, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Cardiff, Leeds, Exeter, Derbyshire, Lancashire, and so on.

It seems to me that people in general have evolved a capacity to take this dichotomous view of places where they live, work and belong to. Their sentiment of belonging attaches to the place where they grew up, where their families lived and often their ancestors. They feel its culture has shaped them and they care deeply about its continuity and well-being. I call this homespace. To earn a living, however, to make their way in the world and advance their career, they may feel obligated to uproot themselves and live somewhere else. Usually they will feel no sentimental attachment to this new place. They may not like it at all. Life there may be distressing and inconvenient. But they feel impelled to put up, at least temporarily, with its indignities to get what they can from it. I call this plunderspace.

People, in general, vary in their willingness to uproot themselves from homespace and venture into plunderspace. For many careers it’s not necessary, and some people are simply not willing to abandon their families and the places they know. But those who dominate the public sphere of our society, politicians, journalists, academics, are among those who have the most highly developed acceptance of the plunderspace/homespace dichotomy. Their jobs necessarily involve a high degree of mobility from their place of upbringing. They therefore come to see plunderspace as the norm. They reconcile themselves to its unpleasant aspects almost completely. Even they, however, still exhibit some sentimental attachment to their place of origin.

The problem for us is that they then project this plunderspace mentality on to our countries and our continent as a whole. It’s clear, for example, the vision of Britain’s future cherished by our elites is London, or Londonistan. This is a city where the indigenous people are already a minority, where historic sub-cultures (like the Cockney dialect) are being erased by displacement immigration from outwith Europe. These aliens have also developed the homespace/plunderspace mentality to a very high degree. But for them our entire country and continent is plunderspace. Their home, the place of their heart, is Pakistan, Nigeria, Jamaica, Turkey, etc. And those places are completely unimpaired in their cultural and genetic purity. They are not being repopulated or reculturated by aliens. And if they were, you can be damn sure that the invaders currently bleating about racism and islamophobia would be the first to protest against it.

It is this same psychological cleavage we see in Jews with regard to Israel and the European societies they live in. Diaspora Jews see the societies they live in as plunderspace. They therefore advocate the policies they see as best suited to facilitate their plundering: diversity, multiculturalism, open-borders immigration, criminalisation of free expression, etc. Any attempt by the indigenous people to advance a Homespace-oriented policy framework is met with howls of indignation and anathema, coupled with the customary accusations of wickedness. In Israel, however, which for them is homespace, Jews ruthlessly discriminate against the aliens who would like to treat their home as plunderspace. This is what lies at the heart of Jewish hypocrisy with regard to “diversity” and immigration.

We, as Europeans, are effectively denied the moral right to a Homespace of our own. We are forced to consent to our entire country and continent being made the plundering ground for aliens. But no people can exist without a physical territory of its own, a home. This is the essence of the genocide being inflicted on us.