The True Face of the New Hitler: Gas-Master Assad’s Personal Photo Album

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2013

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stare directly into the fiery guts of Hell itself?

Well, now you can: portions of a private photo collection of the Gas-master baby-killer devilman Bashir Assad have been released.

Behold, ye mortal man, as ye look upon the true face of the New Hitler: Gas-master Bashir Assad, who kills children simply because he thinks its fun.

Could you have ever imagined something so brutal and demented as this?

We beseech you, Oh Holy Peace Prize Winner Obama, in the name of freedom, democracy and Israel, save us from this monster who desires to drag the whole world down to hell with him, as he plans a New Holocaust of chemical gas.

assadJet2_2283529k assadKidsParty_2283530k assadLookingBaby_2283531k assadPrivateJet_2283532k assadSea_2283533k assadSnow_2283534k wifeQuad_2283535k assadCamera_2283522k assadCycle_2283523k assadNosePinch_2283524k wifeBaby_2283525k assadFootball_2283526k assadPark_2283527k assadBdayCake_2283528k

Eh, as it turns out, the New Hitler is in fact quite a bit like the Old Hitler.

A really nice guy.

Adolf-Hitler-receiving-Flowers Girls-heiling-the-great-leader-Adolf-Hitler Hitler-and-Goebbels-with-some-beautiful-German-children Many-girls-salute-the-eternal-Avatar-of-Freedom-and-Justice-Adolf-Hitler A-small-boy-shaking-the-hand-of-the-great-leader-Adolf-Hitler A-toddler-offers-flowers-to-the-German-allfather-Adolf-Hitler Adolf-Hitler-fought-a-war-for-the-innocent-children-of-Germany Adolf-Hitler-gives-his-blessing-to-a-baby-and-the-mother-expresses-her-endless-joy Adolf-Hitler-in-his-car-the-people-desire-simply-to-touch-his-hand Adolf-Hitler-is-delighted-by-the-singing-of-the-beautiful-German-children Adolf-Hitler-is-bigger-than-the-Beatles