These Student Protests Against Israel are the Most Important Political Movement of Our Lifetime

Things are really ramping up with the student protests at these various universities.

Columbia, where it all started, is ground zero.

The Independent:

Columbia University faculty members are staging a demonstration in support of student pro-Palestine protestors as a rabbi warns Jewish students to leave campus.

Students at Columbia ramped up pro-Palestinian protests and encampments last week after school officials testified before Congress about potential antisemitism on their campus.

A rabbi affiliated with the school has also told a group of nearly 300 Jewish students to go home — meanwhile, Columbia/Barnard Hillel said they do not believe Jewish students should leave campus. The messages came ahead of Passover, which began Monday.

The New York Police Department arrested some 100 students last week after the university’s president requested they respond. Police Chief John Chell later noted that the students who were arrested “were peaceful,” per the Columbia Spectator. Now, faculty have staged a walkout protesting the arrest of student protesters.

The school moved classes online on Monday.

The weight of that last sentence is not really being acknowledged in the mainstream media. They moved the classes online because they shut down the university, effectively declaring a state of emergency.

They banned a Jewish faculty member because they said they didn’t have the resources to ensure his safety.

New York Post:

A Jewish Columbia University professor who has been a vocal critic of the administration’s response to the ongoing anti-Israel student protests on Monday said he was barred from its main campus.

Israel-born Shai Davidai, an assistant professor at Columbia Business School and an outspoken supporter of the Jewish state, said that when he swiped his key card at the school’s Morningside Heights campus, it read “deactivated.”

He said administrators told him they banned him for campus because they could not ensure his safety.

Shai Davidai

Many of the demonstrators who arrived to show solidarity with Columbia’s Jewish community were also turned away at the gates of the Ivy Leave school — though some with active Columbia IDs were allowed in.

Davidai’s rejection from the campus of his own university prompted a crowd of pro-Israel protesters to shout, “Let him in!” and “Shame!”

They are not letting me on main campus,” he told a crowd of pro-Israel rallies at the school’s gate.

There is no reason to believe this is going to slow down any time soon.

It’s starting now because the weather broke. I don’t see any reason it would stop until either it gets cold again, or Israel stops their wars. Neither of those things is going to happen soon.

So are these universities all just going to lock down because they can’t respond to the demands of the students?

Or will the cops get way more aggressive, and go full Kent State on the kids?

At Kent State, a college in Ohio, the National Guard was sent in in 1970 to put down a protest against the Vietnam war.

The brave soldiers (heroes, really) opened fire on the kids, killing four and injuring nine.

The situation was very similar, or nearly identical, to what is going on now at Columbia and elsewhere. (The shootings were in May, after students had organized when the weather broke around popular sentiment against the war.) If there’s any notable difference, it’s that the US government is a lot more devoted to war in Israel than they were to war in Southeast Asia.

The Kent State Massacre was one of the events people point at as having led to the end of the Vietnam war. Students at universities and high schools across America staged a massive strike, walking out of schools all over the country. Four million students participated (that was a much bigger number back then).

It’s obvious that the US government is making this comparison to Kent State when they see these student protests rising now. But what ability do they have to stop it? The fact that they started with arrests shows that they have no idea how to stop it. They should have known that the arrests would just make it worse, but apparently they didn’t know that.

It’s very good. This is very, very good. Things are escalating.

Ultimately, we need to see massive student strikes, like in the 1970s. That’s where this must head.

I am not so silly as to believe that anything is going to change the US government’s devotion to the Jews. That will not happen. But we can certainly force the government to say “we don’t care what you think, we are going to keep supporting Israel no matter what.”

That’s what the goal has to be: pulling off this veil and showing that at its heart, the US government is a Jewish occupation of the United States that in no way represents the American people.

Before the Jewish assault on Gaza, we were nowhere close to massive organized protests against Israel. Now, here we are. Things can happen fast. History can happen in front of you.

The Jews are not invincible. There are a lot more of us than there are of them. We stand on the precipice of Americans demanding an end to the Jewish occupation not just of Palestine, but of the United States as well. It is only the Jewish occupation of the United States that allows for the Jewish occupation of Palestine, and at some point, this is going to become obvious to these protesters.

Understand the Weight of This

The movement against Israel is a lot more important than anything we’ve ever seen in this country in my lifetime.

This is bigger than MAGA. It’s clear that MAGA is number two, but this is much bigger.

MAGA was undoubtedly about attacking symptoms of this Jewish occupation of the United States, but with these anti-Israel protests, we are approaching a strike on the black heart of the beast.

It’s maybe difficult for right-wingers to grasp, because this is primarily a leftist movement. But that is really irrelevant. What matters is the direction a thing is going in and the potential directions it is going to lead.

We all remember the old quote:

Many of you had leftist views in your younger days, and most of you probably changed these views rather quickly, over a matter of months or even weeks.

The core idea of these protests is that what the Jews are doing in Palestine is unacceptable, and must be stopped at any cost. However, the real cost of stopping what is happening in Palestine is stopping what is happening in America. The relevance of political affiliation here is minimal. People’s political ideas change all the time. The path is here for these people to very quickly change their ideas about the nature of the American state.

It’s worth noting that a lot of the people who joined Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP in the 1930s were former communists.

What’s more, when these protests really start rolling, right-wingers are obviously going to be involved. I’ve instructed all of my readers to go to these protests and not to make any trouble with the leftists. When the school walkouts start, and the groups start to form in city encampments, there will be as many right-wingers as there are leftists participating in certain places. The leftists will not kick you out as long as you don’t make trouble and make a point that your main focus is on dismantling the state of Israel and the American state that empowers and enables it.

In terms of turning leftists into right-wingers: that doesn’t even have to happen in those terms. We can formulate a new political order. I don’t really care about free healthcare, abolishing student loan debt, or really any of the other socialist issues that don’t involve social issues. Further, if we’re removing the Jews, many of these social problems will just start to fade and disappear. Feminism and homosexual normalcy are products of the Jewish occupation. They’re not something that developed naturally, but rather were forced on us, and continue to be forced on us every day. When you remove the people forcing these issues, some people will still support them, but that support will wane over time when you no longer have a massive public-private apparatus telling people they need to believe in this specific set of values.

This is the most important thing: anyone telling you not to support these university protests because they are leftists is a Jewish shill. Anyone who is against Israel is your ally. Period. There are no caveats on that. I don’t care what their race is, or if they’re a tranny, or whatever. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is organizing the people – all people – against the Jews.