Thoughts on the Ferguson Riots

Modern Heretic
August 25, 2014

St.Louis looking like it now does, was predicted well over a decade ago.

The national guard has been called in. One of them might have said the “En” word. This is a larger concern than the fact that we need martial law to control the American negro. This is the latest in a seemingly endless series of “narratives” provided by this “useful crisis.” Meanwhile White America continues its kosher coma, worshiping sports negroes, chasing Federal Reserve counterfeit and viewing jewish pornography. Those of us who are awake and aware need to look closer at this latest manufactured racial incident and draw the important lessons from it.

The first obvious lesson here is that reality is manipulated by our criminal government and the kosher media. We have an open southern border. Latin American sewage is pouring across it with the full approval of the bastards in power, bringing crime, disease and welfare dependency. Whites are starting to notice and even some of the higher functioning negroes realize that this brown invasion is not going to be good for them either. People are starting to ask uncomfortable questions, starting to wake up. We need a good distraction, a nice black vs. White conflict to take our attention away from the demographic planned demolition of the U.S.S.A. Take an incident with the police and a negro monster, the kind of incident that happens nearly every day in this deceased nation and blow it out of all proportion.

Forget the foreign invasion, there’s “races” police!


Then the lies. The dinosaur media is just another organ of the State Religion and exists only to preach the gospel of equality, perversion, materialism and evil Whites. The story of Michael Brown has been compared to the Trayvon Martin deception and I feel this comparison is apt. A huge adult negro criminal mauled an officer who was trapped inside a car. Somehow that became “A totally harmless good little negro child was shot from a distance by evil White authority.”

Every negro criminal is, of course, basically good and is in the process of “turning their life around.” Why their life trajectory needs a giant u-turn in the first place is generally not addressed. No, this piece of garbage obviously has a bright future that was lost to the natural consequences of the content of its character. We’ve heard this particular narrative so much I think it’s starting to be seriously questioned and even mocked by sleeping Whites, let alone those of us who know better.

Future doctor, lawyer and/or rapper.

A natural corollary to the “good boy” mythology is the “I din do nuffin'” excuse that anyone who has had any contact with negroes at all has heard many, many times. The negro is never, ever, responsible for its criminality. Thanks to lack of future time orientation and low I.Q. I honestly believe the average criminal negro sincerely thinks they did nothing wrong. There is only the present for the negro, no future and no past. “Actions have consequences” is too complicated to grasp for your average “African American.”
All of the above can be simply stated as “The negro has no place in a civilized White nation.”


We can think of this event as a low-level preview of the coming collapse. In that sense it gives us a good idea of what to expect. Firstly, the genetic aliens will immediately revert to jungle behavior when an excuse is presented. There will be no brief window where we can see the meltdown coming and react accordingly. When the E.B.T. is scanned and the error message pops up there will be full-blown African malfunction within minutes. This means that if you’re currently living in an area with a significant number of negroes or la-teen-ohs you need to leave now, not plan on making a quick escape before the situation gets too serious. When the collapse comes it will be there all at once, right away.

Obviously, you need to be armed. As Whites we will need to organize for the common defense. This will be the seed that will grow into a White nation after the U.S.S.A. is fully consumed. Lone individuals are unlikely to survive and we can be sure the “I voted for Obama, please don’t kill me,” Whites won’t. We must save as many of our folk as possible, while recognizing that many are so deep in a kosher delusion they can’t be reached.


We’ve seen the future. Tyranny and anarchy, scenes worthy of South Sudan playing out in middle America. We’re not going to vote our way out of this. In the time we have remaining we need to wake up as many Whites as possible while preparing on a personal level. Our nation lost its mind and soul and then died. We’re awaiting the disposal of the corpse. May it be replaced by a White homeland.

What things could look like in a White homeland with no Blacks or Jews in it.