‘Trayvon Martin Could have been Me’ –Barack Obama, Admitting He is a Criminal Thug and/or that All Black People Look the Same, Stirring-Up Riots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2013

Good God, man.

Of course black people are expected to commit crimes – this is because they are constantly committing crimes.  What sort of deranged nightmare are we living in when obvious realities are denied because it is possible they could hurt someone’s feelings?

This speech is clearly consciously designed by Obongo’s Jew puppet masters for the express purpose of further enraging the already rioting violent, confused black hordes who are incapable of understanding basic concepts, such as that when a person twice your size is on top of you smashing your head against the cement, you have a right to kill them.

This thing simply is not going away. And it is getting crazier by the hour.