UK: 1 in 7 Criminals Arrested Last Year was an Immigrant

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2014

173,000 of the vibrants looking for a better life, turned out to be hardened criminals looking to rape, pillage and murder. What a surprise.

One in seven criminals arrested last year in Britain had been invited to the country from foreign lands in order to enrich the indigenous inhabitants of these isles.

In many cases these enrichers had criminal records as long as your arm back in the desolate hell-holes they came from, but none of that has prevented them from being granted citizenship.

The Jews and traitors that invited them to the country always have a good laugh when figures like this get released, as it means they get the chance to wheel out chief enricher Keith Vaz to rub even more salt into the wound by pretending to speak for the British people.

“We need to tighten up our borders and get as much information as possible from our EU partners,” he said, struggling not to laugh at the gullibility of the British people for replacing their own ministers with the same people who commit one in seven crimes.

Daily Mail:

The Home Office has lost track of 760 of the 4,200 criminals who have been freed back on to our streets, including 58 ‘high harm’ individuals – a category that includes rapists, killers and drug dealers.

Despite a ten-fold increase in case workers, the number of foreign prisoners has gone up by four per cent, to 10,649. Meanwhile, one in six overseas inmates freed from jail has absconded

The row follows a devastating report last week by the Chief Inspector of Immigration which revealed how foreign criminals – including a killer – had been able to obtain British citizenship.

Home Office staff are not bothering to check for criminal records in a person’s homeland which could lead to their application being turned down.

Yesterday, shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper claimed that, under Labour, ‘stronger checks’ will be carried out.

Anyone seeking citizenship would have to produce the equivalent of Criminal Records Bureau documentation from their homeland.

She told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show: ‘I think it’s shocking that we have had people including serious criminals and killers being given British passports and British citizenship because the Home Office failed to do basic checks.’

Conservative backbencher Peter Bone blamed EU rules on free movement for allowing criminals into the UK.

He said: ‘If someone is coming from the European Union, and we’re talking about hundreds of thousands each year, there are no controls. They’re not allowed to have controls, the EU won’t let you.’

Note: They do not have to be European to be coming from the European Union.