UK: Golden Dawn Support Demonstration a Roaring Success!

Max Musson
Western Spring
December 1, 2014


Yet again, British nationalists have assembled outside the Greek embassy in Holland Park, London, to demonstrate our support for the Greek nationalist party Golden Dawn and to protest at the repressive measures employed by the Greek government in their attempts to suppress the voice of the Greek people.

Surprisingly, it was a most enjoyable day and it was good to see such a good turnout of brave individuals to an event that involved for some a direct confrontation with Red counterdemonstrators. Particularly impressive was the number of women among our number and the contingent from the Polish nationalist party, Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski* (NOP), who had come all the way from Poland for the event and who were highly animated and vocal in expressing their support for Golden Dawn, their solidarity with the cause of British nationalism and their hatred of the Reds.

Congratulations to Eddie Stampton and Piers Mellor for organising the event again this year, showing that they are a formidable duo as far as nationalist activism is concerned in our nation’s capital.

Congratulation also to all of our speakers who delivered their speeches in the face of howling opposition, especially Kevin Layzell and the group who came with him, who had arrived at the Greek Embassy ahead of the main party and who stood their ground and defied intimidation from a much larger Red mob.

Hopefully, there will be more nationalists in attendance should we need to stage a similar demonstration next year. In these times when many of us despair for our nation it is cathartic and invigorating to occasionally get out onto the streets and give voice to our anger and frustration and it brings disparate nationalist groups together in comradeship providing a sense of common purpose and common cause, both within Britain and abroad among our continental folk comrades.

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