UK: Half a Million Immigrants Handed Council Housing in the Last 10 Years

[Another low-ball estimate, to be sure. –Ed.]

Britain First
July 30, 2013

They hate us because of the free housing.
They hate us for our free housing.

An astonishing 500,000 immigrants who arrived in Britain in the last 10 years have been handed council accommodation.

From 4 million arrivals between 2001-2011, nigh on 470,000 were allocated a council or housing association property.

Apparently there has been no ‘jumping the queue’ but, as any Brit on the waiting list can probably tell you, the waiting time is often much longer than just the few years it seems to have taken these foreigners to get a home.

A number of migrants fetched up in expensive homes, including Afghan enricher Toopakai Saindi and her brood who spent many years living in a £12,000 a month home all at your expense.

You try getting the council to pay that for you and your family, they’d laugh you out of the office!

Currently 1.8 million families are now on the waiting list for social housing – how many of these are migrants is not known.

Approximately 1.2 million foreigners are now living in social housing, with the figure in London thought to be as high as 1 in 5.

The cost to the taxpayer is immense.

Welcome to Britain, have a free house and some money – no wonder half the world flocks here.