UK: Jewess MP Cries About Pro-White Leaflet After Police Declare That It’s Legal

Daily Slave
March 28, 2015

This leaflet will lead to exactly 60 trillion gassed Jews.

Jews seem to be at the center of pushing for all sorts of free speech bans.  All of the stupid Holohoax denial laws that are on the books is proof of this.

Here we have a situation where the vile Jewess MP Louise Ellman is crying about a pro-White leaflet which she has labeled as “disgusting” and “offensive” after it was declared by police to not be illegal.  Looking at the contents of the leaflet, it is ridiculous to even think that it could be considered unlawful.  It contains a simple pro-White message.  Apparently anything pro-White is disgusting to a Jew because they think it will lead to 60 trillion gassings or something.

It really sounds as if she wishes it were illegal to promote pro-White views in the UK.  This dumb Jewess bitch should be put on a one-way ticket to Tel Aviv.

UK Mirror:

A ‘racist’ leaflet claiming “the white race is nature’s finest” has not broken any laws, according to police.

The contents of the flyer, posted through letter boxes in south Liverpool by an organisation calling itself the Church of Creativity, have been examined by legal experts who have ruled no offence has been committed.

The organisation, which operates under a slogan of “white racial loyalty without compromise,” denied any wrongdoing despite causing many people offence, theLiverpool Echo reports.

Reports of the leaflet were made to the police, who passed the information on to the force’s specialist SIGMA hate crime department and its legal experts.

However, despite its contents being labelled as “disgusting”, “appalling” and “offensive” by a host of Merseyside politicians, including Riverside MP Louise Ellman, it has not been deemed as illegal.

Shown below is a picture of this evil subversive Jewess who is perverting British society.

This hateful anti-White Jewess Louis Ellman should be deported to Israel.