UK: Pakistani Man Stabs Wife 15 Times for Wanting to Learn English

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2015

Nazakat Ali: How did such a handsome man go so wrong?
Nazakat Ali: How did such a handsome man go so wrong?

These Moslems don’t have a very good time in the West. As a great man once said, “they hate our freedoms lol.”

They don’t all have a violent reaction to it – the degree of violence is based on how far they are able to keep themselves away from our culture and society, while still feeding on us as parasites.

For this guy, his wife learning the language of the country was a step too close.

But hey – isn’t it fun to have these interesting cultures among us? I mean, it sucks about Rotherham, but seriously, I am just continually amazed at the level of vibrancy we’re dealing with here.


Nazakat Ali, 30, a resident of Rochdale, England, stabbed his wife Shahzana Kausar 15 times during an argument over her desire to to enroll at a college to study English, according to the Daily Mail.

The Manchester Crown Court on Tuesday heard how Ali grabbed a knife and in front of his own mother, stabbed his 27-year-old wife refusing to accept that she wanted to gain a ‘degree of independence’.

Following the attack on September 29 last year, Ali fled the scene and turned himself in the day after the attack.

The couple, who tied the knot in Pakistan in 2005, had known each other for 16 years and moved to the UK in 2008.

Prosecutor Mark Kellet told the court, “When the defendant and Shahzana were upstairs in their bedroom, he became angry and started shouting and slapped her across the head. She asked for her mobile phone so she could contact her sister or the police, but he refused to return it.”

“She left the house to walk to her sister’s address but was followed by the defendant. She asked for help from a bystander but the defendant apologised and they returned home. Once they had returned home they sat in the kitchen with the defendant’s mother,” the prosecutor added.

Further, the court was told Shahzana told Ali if he were to behave in a similar manner again, she would leave him.

“He became angry and punched her, knocking her to the floor. He picked up a knife from a kitchen drawer and repeatedly stabbed her.”

Further, Ali’s mother in a statement to the court said the couple had been abusive towards each other and Ali had stabbed his wife when she ran at him.

Ali was also convicted in 2009 for his part in a burglary in which he and an accomplice forced their way into a family home, gagged a 40-year-old woman and threatened her and her baby with a screwdriver.


Just dropped right there in the middle of the article.  Ploop.

Good God, England.  What are you people up to?  The guy shows up in 2008, is robbing and threatening to kill babies by 2009, then for some reason in 2014 he is still in your country?  Then you spend heaven only knows how much money on yet another trial, yet another prison sentence… and all of this is for kebabs?  Couldn’t some British guy learn to cook kebabs?

Defence lawyer Ian Harris, however, said: “His family have told me that when they visited the defendant he has been in tears when he has discussed what he did.”

“It is a case of loss of temper. An intent to kill formed in the heat of the moment. The incident itself would have taken a matter of seconds,” he said.

However, labelling Ali a ‘dangerous man,’ the judge said, ‘The attack was sustained and repeated. There was extensive life-threatening internal injuries. You took a lethal bladed weapon and used it repeatedly on a defenceless woman — your own wife in her own home.”

‘You are, in my judgment, a dangerous man. I am unhesitatingly of the opinion there is a significant risk of serious harm from future offences committed by you.”

So, deportation was not even discussed.  I guess if you don’t discuss it after the thing with the baby, you’re not going to discuss it at all.  People tend to like babies.  Well, they used to, before immigrants took the status of babies as the thing that must be protected at all costs.

I contacted Sargon of Akkad about this stabbing, and he told me that this man stabbing his wife 15 times for wanting to learn English had nothing to do with his race or religion, explaining to me that there is something on Wikipedia called the “Nirvana Fallacy” which proves that if this man had not stabbed his wife 15 times for wanting to learn English, a White man would have broken into their house and stabbed her 15 times for wanting to learn English.  Also, a White guy would have done that screwdriver robbery and threatening the baby thing.  After all, someone has to break into women’s homes and threaten babies with screwdrivers.

Just to be clear, that last part is a joke, but this Pakistani guy actually did stab his wife 15 times for wanting to learn English.  Oh, and for anyone who didn’t hear it – Sargon really did say that if Pakistanis didn’t commit child-rapes in Europe, the same girls would have been raped by White men, and that an entry on Wikipedia proves that this is true.