UK: Press Flips Out on Nigel for Posing in a Photo with Stormfront Poster

Daily Slave
December 8, 2014

Nigel posing with a regular guy.  Oh wait, he’s actually a Nazi, white supremacist, Jew-hating Holocaust denier.

Due to the fact that Ukip leader Nigel Farage posed in a shot with someone who is being labeled as a “neo-Nazi” – the British press is crying six million Holocausts.  In reality, the guy who Farage is posing with is just someone who is pro-White and has questions about the stupid Jewish Holocaust hoax.

UK Mirror:

Ukip leader Nigel Farage proudly poses with a party activist who leads a double life as an open neo-Nazi.

Andrew Lovie, 51, a former secretary of the Aberdeen branch of Ukip, posted a series of vile racist and homophobic rants on a white supremacist website.

Writing on the far right Stormfront forum – which calls itself the “Voice of the new embattled White minority” – he said he looked forward to a “white future” and recommended Holocaust denial groups.

Lovie was photographed with Mr Farage at an event two years ago.

This proves my point that anyone who is pro-White is basically going to be considered a White supremacist, “racist,” “anti-Semite,” “Nazi” or all of the above. There’s no reason to fear these labels any longer. They are meaningless.