UK: Private Muslim Schools are Training Terrorists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2014

The shocking truth about ugly little towelhead brats: They want to murder you.
The shocking truth about ugly little towelhead brats: They want to murder you and destroy all of your structures.

Six small Muslim private schools in East London are being investigated, as Ofsted’s chief inspector claims students are “at risk of extremist views and radicalization,” the BBC reports.

Following a series of emergency investigations, Sir Michael Wilshaw said the schools were focused almost solely on Islamic teachings, and that the students’ “physical and educational welfare is at serious risk.”

The Muslim schools replied by alleging a conspiracy against them, claiming it was all lies. But Education Secretary Nicky Morgan implied the schools could be closed down if they don’t up their game and stop molding little terrorists with Muslim indoctrination.

“We asked Ofsted to carry out these independent school inspections and the findings are very concerning,” she said. “While there is no suggestion of a co-ordinated plot, it is clear that these schools are failing children and this is unacceptable. All schools must prepare children for life in modern Britain.”

At one school, it was found that students were not aware that there is a difference between sharia law and British law.

Great job, Britain!  Now you are so enrichful!
Great job, Britain! Now you are so enrichful!

At one school, inspectors found pupils did not know the difference between sharia and British law.

“Given the evidence gathered from these inspections, particularly in relation to the narrowness of the curriculum, I am concerned that pupils in these schools may be vulnerable to extremist influences and radicalization,” Sir Michael wrote in his report to the Education Secretary.

The fact is that Islam=terrorism whenever it exists in a Western country. Calling for the establishment of an Islamic state in whatever country they live in is at the core of Islamic doctrine. The fact that liberals even claim that such a thing as “moderate Islam” exists just shows that they are either liars, completely disconnected from reality, or both.