UK: Vice in Tears Over White Man March

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2015

March 21, 2015 - Be there!
March 21, 2015 – Be there!

The second annual White Man March, organized by Renegade Broadcasting‘s Kyle Hunt, is getting even more mainstream media attention than it did last year. This is in part due to the British wing of the March which will center in Newcastle and is being organized by National Action.

Vice literally gets gayer by the hour.  What unbelievable faggots.
Vice literally gets gayer by the hour. What unbelievable faggots.

Vice News recently did a piece on it, flipping out that all hell is going to break loose if these evil Whites are allowed to have a political voice.

The White Man March is part of a neo-Nazi attempt to copy the way protests spread like memes in the wake of the Arab Spring and Occupy. It was started by American racist Kyle Hunt, who spoke to VICE about it last year. The idea is that the kind of people who are terrified at the idea of having mixed race grandchildren should take to the streets to warn other white people about what they think are attempts to systematically exterminate the white race.

Last year’s UK White Man March wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t really even a march. Five supporters of secretive British neo-Nazi group National Action (NA) unveiled a banner reading “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” in Birmingham city centre’s Victoria Square, later hanging it from a motorway bridge.

This year, the event looks like it might be worth paying attention to. The protest is being organised by individuals linked to the NA and their friends in the British Movement – a tiny, old-school British Nazi group – who are expected to attend the event. A secret Facebook group being used to encourage people to attend the White Man March includes over 300 far-right activists, including members of the extreme-right National Front (NF) and the Blood and Honour Nazi-Punk network. The event page shows an Italian fascist saying that a group of them will be flying in to Newcastle for the protest. Young Russian and Belgian neo-Nazis also discuss travelling to the event.

Key organisers NA are a pretty sinister bunch. Their members have been attending ISIS inspired “Sigurd” training camps, where young neo-Nazis from across the country gather to practice fighting in groups, using knives as weapons and learn about Nazi ideology. NA recently held a weekend event where around a dozen members practiced mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting.

The group were set up in 2013 by Alex Davies – who was then a Warwick University student and Benjamin Raymond, the current leader. They hit the headlines last year after a young member, Garron Helm, 21, from Liverpool, was jailed for tweeting anti-Semitic abuse at Labour MP Luciana Berger.

They are trying to build a group capable of “ethnically cleansing Britain”. But you won’t see them goose-stepping around in black military uniform like the Nazis of old – they are part of the European autonomous nationalist scene: neo-Nazis who copy the look and tactics of far-left subculture. For instance, they dress in black-bloc type gear – Newcastle could see Britain’s first neo–Nazi black bloc assemble. They also listen to music that sounds like West Coast crusty hardcore but with racist lyrics – like if From Ashes Rise were a bit less musically competent and screamed about how much they love being white. Some of them also dress like hipsters, showing that the “Nipster” subculture – Nazis who dress like pop-up coffee shop baristas – is heading to the UK.

Well, congratulations, Vice – you succeeded in making the people you are trying to demonize sound like total badasses.  Though in your defense, it is impossible to talk about “Nazis” and not have them sound badass, by the very nature of the thing.

The White Man March will take place on March 21st in both the US and the UK, as well as in other (formerly) White Nations.  If you would like to be involved – and I encourage you to – you can visit the White Man March website for more information.