UK: Yet Another Case of Organized Child Sex Trafficking by Moslems, Police Again Covered It Up

Daily Stormer
March 3, 2015

How many more, White man?
How many more, White man?

We are told that there are benefits to third world Islamic immigration, though it is never exactly clear what those benefits are, beyond kebab stands.

However, let us for a second go ahead and assume that some great benefit to Moslem immigration does exist.  What is the precise number of children which need to be gang-raped and trafficked by these people in order for the negatives to outweigh the positives?


A report into the failure of Police and Social Services in Oxfordshire to stop the abuse of vulnerable girls by Pakistani men has concluded there are a total of 300 victims. The children were mostly in care, and were systematically abused over 15 years despite multiple complaints about the men responsible.

In one case highlighted by the Guardian a 12-year-old girl was regularly raped and subjected to what she described “as torture sex”. In the end she fell pregnant and was forced to have a backstreet abortion in Reading. Her abuse went on for a total of six years. The report will also highlight the failure of authorities to prevent the violent abuse and enslavement of six vulnerable girls, aged 11-15, by a gang of men.

The review by Oxfordshire safeguarding children’s board is due to be published tomorrow and will highlight multiple occasions when the abuse could have been stopped. However, in each case Oxfordshire Social Services – who were ultimately responsible – failed to act.

Although seven men were convicted in at the Old Bailey in May 2013 it was revealed that nine out of ten staff at Oxfordshire Social Services had known about the abuse.

At the trail Akhtar and Anjum Dogar, Bassam and Mohammed Karrar, Kamar Jamil, Zeeshan Ahmed and Assad Hussain, who were all from Oxford, were given sentences ranging from a minimum of seven to 20 years in prison.

For years vulnerable girls would go missing, in one case 80 times, but it was only in 2011 that the police began tracking a pattern. It was this work that led to the convictions.

One investigator said he believes this is going on in every community, across the entire United Kingdom.

Again, we have to ask – why would we expect Moslems not to do this? They do it in their own countries, and they have invaded us and done it to our people for well over a thousand years. Why would we not simply assume that this was going to happen? What is the line of reasoning? I have not even heard it explained. Instead, defenders simply focus on the idiotic point that “well, they’re not all doing it.”