UKIP Attacked for Asking People to Rate Their Feelings Toward Different Immigrant Groups

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2014

In one of the most brutal attacks on democracy we've seen yet, Nigel asked his supporters what they think about issues.
In one of the most brutal attacks on democracy we’ve seen yet, Nigel asked his supporters what they think about issues.

UKIP is being attacked in the media again, for asking people to truthfully say how close they feel to the different exotic sub-species now colonizing Britain and to compare these feelings to those for their own people.

The questions were designed to help the party draw up its policies and the media clearly thinks it wrong for a political party to actually ask its members what they want from it.

No doubt next we will be hearing how UKIP are ‘threatening democracy’ and must be stopped before they start with the pedal-powered Jew-spanking machines.

Daily Mail:

Nigel Farage was in another race row last night after asking supporters to rate ‘blacks, Muslims and Eastern Europeans’ in a game – with prizes of cash and a Ukip golf umbrella.

The ‘rate an immigrant’ survey is part of a Ukip private survey of members aimed at helping the party draw up its policies.

Sent last week by Ukip chairman Steve Crowther, it asks members to say ‘how close they feel’ to a number of groups.

They include ‘Blacks, Asians, Muslims, English, Eastern Europeans and Whites’ as well as the four main political parties.

Ukip activists are urged to rate each on a scale from 0 for ‘not close at all’ to 10 for ‘very close.’

The email to thousands of Ukip members from chairman Crowther is headed: ‘Help the Party and Win Prizes!’

It declares: ‘Ukip is growing quickly. We want to strengthen our party by understanding our rapidly growing membership. We are asking all our members to complete a new survey.’

The aim was to ‘use the insights to strengthen the Ukip operation… Your responses will be invaluable in making sure we fulfil our promises over the coming years – and in government!

‘So please, do complete the survey. It should be fun! You might even win some prizes!’

Prizes included ‘one prize of £100, two of £50, three prizes of a Ukip golf umbrella, four prizes of £25, five Ukip notebooks and six Ukip pocket diaries.’

The Mail also gave a list of other “race rows” the party has been involved in:

  • National executive member Gerard Batten’s call for Muslims to sign a ‘charter of understanding’ in which they rejected violence and parts of the Koran that promote ‘violent physical Jihad.’
  • Parliamentary candidate in Grimsby Victoria Ayling was recorded saying ‘let’s keep the blacks out’. Council candidate Andre Lampitt said Africans should ‘kill themselves’.
  • Council candidate William Henwood said Lenny Henry should ‘emigrate to a black country’.
  • Exeter activist David Challice denounced the ‘lunacy of multiculturalism’ and called Greeks ‘vile’.
  • Town hall candidate David Wycherley said Mo Farah was African, not British.

Obviously, these are pretty cool guys.

We all rate the various non-White peoples in our heads, so the Jew media trying to demonize this process is just them again trying to deny nature.

UKIP clearly does things like this to get attacked on purpose, because people then see how ridiculous and oppressive the system actually is.

I wish we could see the results of this survey.

Pretty easy to reckon that Somalians would have been at the bottom, then Pakis, then Arabs… with White Europeans at the top.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.