UN: Italians Used Psychic Powers to Sink African Ship

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2013

In a particularly shocking bit of news today, Francois Crepeau, an official from the UN has made the insane claim that intolerant Italians used psychic energy to cause a boat full of African migrants to catch fire and sink.

The anti-White agenda continues to become more and more insane, as the Jews see that the European race is drawing ever closer to the point of total destruction.

From the Times of India:

“These deaths did not need to happen,” said Francois Crepeau, the United Nations special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, yesterday.

He said the “criminalisation of irregular immigration” had played a role in the worst recent refugee disaster in the Mediterranean.

“Treating irregular migrants only by repressive measures would create these tragedies,” he told reporters.

Just sit and think about that for a second.

This man is saying that if the Italians had been more open to allowing a sea invasion by hate-filled drug dealers, pimps, thieves, murderers and rapists from Africa, the boat would have not caught fire and sank. He is – literally – claiming that the thoughts of the Italian people caused the boat to spontaneously burst into flames and cause the deaths of hundreds of people.

As you look at the anti-White agenda, please note that no aspect of it is more logical than this statement. It is all complete gibberish – here, we just happened to catch them out in a place where we can see the deranged nature of the entire program in the microcosm.