Unvaccinated Voters Overwhelmingly Backing Trump Despite Vax Shilling, Poll Shows

Well, maybe the vax thing is complicated.

It’s obviously insane that Trump shilled that shit so hard, and apparently still does.

But let’s talk about abortion and Palestine.

How can anyone support that?

I guess because these retards think they have to support someone. You don’t, in fact, have to support anyone.

You don’t have to vote.

They can’t force you.

New York Post:

Former President Donald Trump holds a dominating 47-point lead over Joe Biden among un-jabbed voters and those who never completed a full vaccine course, according to a new poll.

The former president received the backing of 63% of voters who never received the jab or didn’t complete the initial Modera/Pfizer vaccine course, the Schoen-Cooperman survey showed.

President Biden collected just 16% of the unvaxxed/one jab vote.

Surprisingly Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — a diehard vaccine skeptic — took just 12% of that group.

The same trends held among voters who received a full vaccination but never followed up with any boosters.

Of this cohort, 46% said they would back Trump, with just 30% supporting Biden.

RFK was last with just 16% support.

“Donald Trump has a commanding lead with unvaccinated voters. While these voters are united in their distrust of the COVID-19 vaccine and care about the presidential candidates’ position on the vaccine, they are largely conservative, Republican voters who broke heavily for Trump in 2020,” said pollster Carly Cooperman, who conducted the survey.

Three out of four unvaccinated voters said they were “absolutely certain” about their choice in the looming contest.

Trump has hailed the development of the vaccines as a signature accomplishment of his presidency. Both candidates have liabilities on the issue.

My message has crystalized and it is going to crystalize much further: do not vote.

Do not vote.

Voting is a satanic ritual to give consent to these sickening satanic individuals to rule over you.

Sorry, this is a filler article. I have a lot of shit going on this Sunday especially until maybe 11 AM, but my message is clear and concise: do not vote and be extremely suspicious of the fiends who are pushing the “lesser of two evils” bullshit.

I’m not even sure Trump is the lesser of two evils. But try to imagine Jesus promoting this “lesser of two evils” theory.

Maybe – hey, yo, just maybe – we should try to be more like Jesus.


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Very mixed.