West Bank: Illegal Jew Immigrants Storm Town, Murder Two Palestinians

Don’t forget the other front of Israel’s war that is heating up: the West Bank.

This is more dangerous for Jews than Gaza, because the West Bank Palestinians are not as well isolated and imprisoned. Weapons could come in and out of the West Bank. Fighters could come in and out. Jordan is I’m sure a very good ally of Israel, but that border is nothing like the Israeli border or the Egypt-Gaza border.

Furthermore: these settlers are vulnerable.

If I were the Jews, I would be doing my best to keep the West Bank from popping off. Thankfully, I’m not the Jews.

The Guardian:

Israeli settlers have killed two Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, according to Palestinian officials, after a weekend of escalating violence across the territory.

The Palestinian health ministry named the victims of the attack near Nablus as Abdulrahman Maher Bani Fadel, 30, and Mohammed Ashraf Bani Jame, 21, according to the official Palestinian news agency Wafa.

Salah Bani Jaber, mayor of Aqraba, a town near the northern city of Nablus, witnessed Monday’s settler attack. He said that about 50 settlers, many of them armed, attacked members of his community.

They “assaulted residents and fired at people in the town leading to the death of two citizens,” the mayor said, adding that “the occupation army is still holding the bodies.”

There were Israeli soldiers at the scene who stood idly by watching the settlers,” he told the Reuters news agency.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society said soldiers blocked its ambulances from reaching the area and tending to the wounded.

The Israeli military said it was looking into the incident, telling Agence France-Presse “an initial inquiry suggests that the fatal shootings did not originate from the IDF.”

The Israel government can’t even control these settlers.

They could kick off a war in the West Bank without the approval of the Jewish government.

It actually looks like they’re already trying to do that.