What Exactly is Going on with This Election?

Who are those 33%?

When I watched the debate, I saw exactly what I expected to see. Pretty much point-by-point, there was nothing that seemed strange or surprising about it. The one pleasant surprise is that there wasn’t a huge back-and-forth over who was best for the Jews. But otherwise, it was all just exactly what I expected.

What is shocking to me is how shocked everyone else is. Like, was no one paying attention to all of these clips of Biden being completely senile? What I have figured out is that the mainstream media hasn’t been showing these clips. I am in a bubble where I see that stuff, but the majority of the public was apparently unaware just how far gone this guy is.

Now, everyone is freaking out.

Just check these headlines. They are unending. No one is defending Biden. Most of them are calling for him to be replaced.

You know, I am skeptical of conspiracy theories. At least as skeptical of conspiracy theories as I am of the mainstream media narrative.

The reader knows – I am a skeptic.

The thing is: there is usually something obvious to be found in between the mainstream narrative and the conspiracy narrative. In my experience, there is an obvious explanation, that might contain conspiracy elements, but doesn’t require a leap of faith or a complex series of “what ifs.”

I’m not entirely sure of what is going on here.

Let’s just try to list some facts about the situation:

  • This debate was held before either party’s official convention. It was probably the earliest debate ever.
  • Anyone who knew anything about Joe Biden’s current cognitive state would have known how this would turn out. Biden was set up to fail. (Maybe there were doctors who were saying they could put him on drugs that would get him juiced enough to perform, but it seems like they would have done a test run and seen if that worked.)
  • The candidate can be switched out at the DNC convention. That is possible.
  • Donald Trump is not the candidate he was in 2016 or even in 2020. We all still like him (because how could you not?), but he’s not pressing a revolutionary agenda like he was in 2016.
  • The Jewish establishment has already seen what a Donald Trump presidency looks like, and therefore has no reason to fear him. (He could have gone full-Hilux nationalism and started ordering the military and his supporters to do things that would establish him as a dictator, and he didn’t do that. He didn’t even build a wall or use the powers of the executive order to do really anything meaningful or lasting.)
  • Trump has continued to talk out of both sides of his mouth on many issues, including the Ukraine, but endorsed the Mike Johnson Ukraine bill, and his suggestions for cabinet picks are about as ZOG’d out as anyone could ever imagine.
  • Israel prefers Donald Trump, and as we’ve seen after October 7th, Israel basically has full control over the US government.
  • The election is not determined by how many votes a candidate gets, but given the state of Biden, doing the election and claiming he won would look so ridiculous that it could risk serious political violence. The MAGA people could potentially come to some kind of truce with the Palestine people, and the whole country could go up in flames, as the US is trying to fight a three-front global war.

So, this leaves us with two basic options as to what is going on here:

  • The Democrats set Joe up to fail on purpose so they could replace him with someone else.
  • Jews who operate beyond and above the Democrat Party want Donald Trump in office.

Further, both things could be happening.

Doing the debate before the conventions was the idea of the Democrats, which suggests that the first thing is happening – the Democrats want Biden out, and want either Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama to replace him. The fact that virtually the entire media (see above) is calling for Biden to be replaced is further proof of this. This is an organized media narrative. If it was just the media doing regular shilling, most of them would be claiming it is a conspiracy theory that Biden’s debate performance was bad.

It is obvious that the media is organizing to replace Biden.

(I sat through the sickening Daily Wire review of the debate, and they were using the narrative of “Biden won’t be willing to step down.” This is baby-tier. In real life, if the Democrat Party told Biden to step down and he said “no,” either he would fall in the shower, have a heart attack or stroke, or he would all of a sudden get hit with a bunch of criminal charges. What Biden and his wife want is not a factor here, and anyone telling you that is very stupid or purposefully confusing you.)

My conclusion, as things stand right now, is that probably both things are happening: I think there is a real power struggle between Israel Jews and Democrat Jews, and I think the Democrat Jews understand that Biden is not viable, so they sabotaged him with the debate and now they’re throwing him under the bus.

The Democrat Jews presumably have more power than the Israel Jews in terms of election meddling, and as we’ve seen, the Democrat Jews will not actually get in the way of the Israel Jews (even though they will say they want to stop genocide). So the Israel Jews might not go all-out for Trump. There is a rumor that Adelson’s widow is offering Trump’s campaign $100 million if he agrees to publicly state that all of Palestine belongs to the Jews and even the West Bank Palestinians need to be “relocated.” I am not sure I believe that rumor. But we know the Israel Jews would prefer Trump, we just don’t know how much they would be willing to deploy all of their Mossad tactics to get him in.

Meanwhile, Gavin or Michelle winning would at least be feasible. People would believe that. Obviously, in a real vote, Trump wins no matter what, but it’s not going to be a real vote. All of this mail-in ballot stuff is still in place in swing states, which means a real vote is not possible.

Anyone talking about this being a real election should be totally dismissed and mocked. The 2020 election was fake, the 2022 election was fake, and there were never any consequences. Pretending this is real is stupid. It’s also stupid to pretend that it really matters if Trump or Biden wins, in terms of the overarching situation in the country and in the world.

Trump is not going to stop the wars. He’ll say he’s going to, and then he won’t. Even if he tried to, we already know from last time that the military will just disobey his orders. Maybe he will do something to slow the border flow, but that honestly doesn’t really matter at all. I mean, does it matter if America is 36% white or 38% white? Seriously, think about it. The demographic situation can only be solved through extremely brutal methods of mass round-ups and deporting tens of millions of people, something that probably only 10-15% of the American population is ready to support. Further, Trump has already said he supports infinity H1-B Indians, he just doesn’t want insane and criminal poor people pouring in. So it might not even be a question of 36% vs. 38%, but maybe 37%. Either way, we are looking at whites as a fraction of the US population in 25 years. Immigration is a dead issue until the population is ready for a Mad Max villain type psychopath to deploy the military and put all of these people into concentration camps indefinitely or until we can figure out where to send them.

Also: RFK is not going to be installed. Just put that idea out of your head. There is also no chance Trump picks him for VP. It’s not possible. RFK is too legit. He’s not a genius, but he is actually a genuinely good person who wants to do the right thing, and that means he will not be allowed anywhere near power in this post-2016 controlled election system.


None of this really even matters, beyond the fact that it’s an interesting shitshow at the end of an empire.

Your vote does not count, neither of the candidates (whoever they may be) are actually going to change anything meaningful. Voting is a waste of time and when you fill out that ballot and sign it, you are consenting to be a part of this system.

I don’t think anyone should vote.

I am officially endorsing not voting.

I endorse getting out of the cities and buying a Hilux (Turbo Diesel).

Power does not come from voting. Power comes from the bed of a Toyota Hilux.