What if Assad had Used Chemical Weapons?

The Jews who funded foreign religious extremists to attack Syria are responsible for the deaths of more than one hundred thousand people – and they are telling us to cry about a supposed gassing of a few hundred? Who’s kidding who here?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2013

Seriously guys.  Come on.
Seriously guys. Come on.

No one with two brain cells to rub together is buying the idiotic Jewish lie that Assad, right in the Middle of a winning streak which was clearly set to end in total victory, all of the sudden decided to gas people so as to cause the US and Israel to begin bombing; Still, I think it is worth asking: what if it were true?

I will contend, as you may have expected, that Assad gassing some people in the process of trying to maintain control of his country is nobody’s business but Assad’s. But let’s put it in perspective. The US government – that is, the Jews who run it – funded foreign terrorists to go into Syria and attempt to overthrow the overwhelmingly popular charismatic ruler of this nation and install a militant, backward Islamic dictatorship. So far, this decision has resulted in an estimated 110,000 deaths. And they are telling us – again, let’s just take them at their word, for the sake of argument – that we need to invade the country because Assad gassed a few hundred people?

How does this make sense?

The logic, used by the Jews, is that the people they need to convince that it is necessary to attack Syria function purely on emotion. This is, perhaps regrettably, completely true. Clearly, basic math dictates the fact that 100,000 deaths are worse than a few hundred deaths. But gassing – oh, and gassing the innocents – this is something that stirs people. If it is framed correctly.

The good news is, they did not succeed in framing it correctly, and the whole thing has come across as silly. Large numbers of people understand that Assad was winning the war, and that committing an atrocity – which was of little or no tactical value, he would have had to do it just because he wanted to do something diabolical – made zero sense.

This failure to properly execute a faked atrocity has given us a unique opportunity to view how the Jewish media machine works in tandem with the Jew-controlled politicians to stir emotions in the masses to justify otherwise insane plots. Based on the present public sentiment, I believe the masses are in a position to learn from this.

The Jews will almost certainly go ahead with the attack on Syria based on this atrocity lie, because they are Jews and they think they can get away with it. But this big lie is going to give the lie to the next big one, as the wheels of the Jewish reality-manufacturing machine continue to fall off and the day of Our Retribution draws ever more near.