What Right do Eastern Europeans Have to Loot England?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2014

Romanians in England for their Romanian election
Romanians in England for their Romanian election.  Why exactly is this situation happening?

I have been rather frustrated lately as any post that we make on this site defending England’s right to be free of Eastern European immigration is attacked as “anti-White.”

Polish people have claimed that the site is against them, even though it isn’t, because we say they don’t have any right to invade England.  Others – who don’t identify their nationality, but are probably American or at least not English (or even British) – are constantly making the argument that it’s no big deal because non-Whites are so much worse.  Well, no one has ever argued that non-Whites aren’t worse – everyone obviously knows that they are.  But that isn’t really an argument at all.  Getting shot in the neck is worse that getting shot in the leg but that doesn’t mean that anyone wants to get shot in the leg.

Currently, UKIP has taken a strategy of breaking down UK-EU relations by specifically attacking European immigration.  I think this is a very good strategy.  Its goal is to force an exit from the EU, which regardless of any other issues, is a very good thing.  Obviously, UKIP is against all immigrants – or rather, against all forms of mass immigration – but this is the weak point which is being attacked, and it is being done so effectively.

The reason that this is effective is that English people do not like that they are being overrun by poor people from Eastern Europe.  And yet many in the White movement seem to believe they should just shut up and take it.

Yesterday there was an election in Romania, and a lot of Romanians living outside of Romania came out to vote at polling stations across Europe.


Portsmouth 7 Portsmouth 5 Portsmouth 4 Portsmouth 3 Portsmouth 2 Portsmouth 1


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Berlin Polling station


Paris polling station

How is this situation defensible?  What is the explanation?  Clearly, these people are coming to Western Europe – England most particularly – solely because they want to feed off of the wealth that Western European nations have created.

What gives them a right to do that?  And how could nationalists from their own countries possibly support this?  Do Eastern European nationalists support this?

I am Not English

I am an American, so technically I don’t have any “right” to push a position on this.  What I am arguing is simply basic common sense, and I believe also the position of the vast majority of English (and British) people who do have a right to push a position on this.

As an American, I believe that British and Australian people are the only ones who should be able to come to my country for something other than a vacation without proper visa processes.  After that, people from Scandinavia, Germany and France should get preferential treatment, and followed by everyone else (Southern Europeans before Eastern Europeans in most situations).

I am all for helping out poorer European countries, and absolutely believe that financial aid programs should be redirected from Africa and other third world cesspits to Eastern European countries who are still struggling with development.  However, allowing millions of these people to freely come to Western Europe is disastrous and pointless.  Not only does it cause social and economic chaos in Western Europe, but it also drains Eastern Europe of its resources.

Obvious Solution

The rather obvious solution to this issue is to allow freedom of movement throughout Europe, but not give the right to work without a visa.  That way Eastern Europeans do not feel like they are locked-down or excluded from Western Europe, but they are not allowed to simply come and loot the place either.  Just and nationalistic governments in Western Europe could issue visas as they see fit, according to what is best for their own countries, rather than what is best for the poorest people of former communist nations.

And, as I have said, we could issue interest-free loans or simply give charity to these nations in order to help them develop.  As they do develop, restrictions on visas could be eased, as there wouldn’t be this threat of total invasion.

Your Thoughts

So, I would like to hear people’s thoughts, but please, as you comment on this article, state your country of origin, as I am very interested to know exactly who is coming up with this idea that this invasion from Eastern Europe is a good thing (I presently believe it is mostly Americans, but I’m not certain).