White Self-Hate: Master-Stroke Of The Enemy

George Lincoln Rockwell
American Nazi Party
November 27, 2013


Last week I penetrated into the “South” for the first time in more than five years of speaking at colleges. I spoke at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It was a shocking – and unpleasant-experience!

Since last September, when I spoke at Harvard, I have been having such incredible success speaking all across the country, everywhere EXCEPT the South, that I was beginning to believe ALL America’s college youth was waking up, especially to the nigger problem.

I had never penetrated the really “deep” South, for what reasons I am still not sure. I have had few invitations from South of Virginia – and all of them have been cancelled.

Around the rest of the country, this year has been one of immense gratification to me, speaking from Harvard and Brown in New England, across the nation through Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, California – just about everywhere EXCEPT the “deep South.” The reaction to my speeches, as those who have heard the record or tapes of some of them will know, has been FANTASTIC! The violence has almost stopped, even the boos and the hisses have died down, and the audience reactions have been SO favorable that even the Jew papers in Minneapolis, for instance, reported I got “thunderous applause”!!!

Not only that, but the INDIVIDUAL reactions have been unbelievable!

Most remarkable of all is the tremendous change which has occurred since last summer in the reactions of these college kids to NEGROES.

For years, I was plagued by the ignorance of Northerners on the subject of niggers – and the same kind of ignorance by many Southerners about Jews. They have plenty of niggers in the South, so the Southerners know about them. But they have few Jews, and the ones they have down South are usually “tame” Jews, utterly unlike the wild and hateful Hebrews swarming in the streets of the North and West.

At the same time, the Jew-wise “Yankees” in North and West never got CLOSE to any “coloreds”, and knew almost nothing about them. Until the riots began.

Back in those days, whenever I went to jail in the North, the cops would privately say “You’re doing a great job on the damned Jews, but why do you go after the ‘colored’?” – as they used to call them.

Down South, cops would say “God bless you for the way you’re fighting the niggers, but what have you got against the Jews?”

This year, all across the Northern part of America, and all over the West and South West, I found the people are growing rapidly more alert not only to the Jewish problem, which they always sensed, but are thoroughly aware – and worried – about the “coloreds”, because, of course, the “coloreds” have finally let the Northerners SEE what they are like, at first hand, in the dozens of riots and the endless horror of nigger crime and terrorism in the city streets.

The success of my speeches in colleges and universities across most of America has been gratifying – and spectacular – fantastic! If even the liberal KIDS in these colleges are waking up, you can IMAGINE the way the working masses are ready to FIGHT!

While I have been speaking sometimes as often as six and seven times per week all over the continent, I have naturally presumed that when I finally DID get a chance to speak in the real SOUTH – it would be the best of all – a real triumph!

So I approached Wake Forest in North Carolina with my hopes up – and my guard down!

When I got there, things seemed SUPER relaxed. Usually, the campus where I am to speak is in a state just short of explosion – with threats, counter-threats, headlines, etc., etc. There are vast crowds outside the hall, hours before the address, and the hall is always packed to the point where the fire marshall often takes a hand.

But at Wake Forest, there was no crowd outside, when I came to the hall. And when I got inside, although they said it was the biggest crowd yet, there were several hundred empty seats!


All of this got me “off balance” sufficiently so that I failed to follow my usual routine of insisting on only WRITTEN questions (to prevent emotional outbursts and speeches from the floor). But I figured that an audience of SOUTHERN kids would be wild with enthusiasm when I defended the great White Race and the history and traditions of their own grandparents.

What I ran into was something NEW!

In speeches everywhere else, there are always overtones of threat and violence, heckling and possibilities of mobs, etc.

All seemed quiet when I began to speak at Wake Forest.

But the minute I opened my mouth, the place busted wide open! American flags started to wave – HELD BY COONS! A Jew got up with a black armband and began marching up and down the aisles. Some of the kids acted like a bunch of kooks, whooping and cheering this disorder.

An old Jewess rose and began screaming at me in unintelligible “English”. She got a huge round of cheers and applause!

In spite of all this, I managed to take control of the crowd as I have been forced to learn to do, and speak for about forty-five minutes. But I never did succeed in getting a train of thought started with the audience. Always, they managed to bust up any orderly presentation, and I had to keep using shouts and “tricks” to beat the heckling.

There was no applause at the end of my speech, although a few kids tried feebly, only to be squelched by their neighbors.

I made the mistake of taking live questions from the audience (being somewhat angered and frustrated by now, and hoping to beat these hellraisers). That did it!

One huge Negro walked up to the front of the hall just before my platform, held up his hands and signalled for silence. He got it!

The hall was hushed, FOR THE FIRST TIME, and I knew from experience what came next.

Had that Negro done nothing more than say “abracadabra”, he would have been drowned in enthusiasm. He did a masterful job – whether planned or not, I don’t know.

I had pointed out in my speech that ghetto Negroes were often in good physical shape because they were forced to do menial physical work such as garbage men, etc. This was not to insult Negroes. (Actually, it makes a lot of my own people mad when I point this out). But it is part of the reason the blacks think they can whip us because they say we’ve gotten soft. The big black used my statement to make appear I had advocated making nothing but garbage men out of all Negroes.

“Maybe all we’re good for is garbage men”, he said, “but if being garbage men is all the contribution America will let us make, then we’ll make it, we’ll BE garbage men!”

The audience rose, first the rabid ones, then more and more, until finally the hall was a sea of hysterical cheering, as the Negro (who I later learned was the local football hero) led the rest of the football team in a “walk-out”.

None DARED fail to rise for this mad scene, for fear of being branded a “hater”, as the arc-lights and TV cameras swept the audience.

I did my best to plug on, and succeeded to some degree. I even managed to get a good round of applause at the end, myself.

But I was bitterly disappointed to see all this take place in my FIRST speech in part of the “deep South”!

I had been winning rabid, liberal “Yankees” over with a “Southern” speech in the North all year. Now here I was being swamped by a wave of wild, hysterical “nigger-loving” – by SOUTHERNERS! Or so I thought!

I spent more than ten more hours at banquets and seminars, cocktail parties, and the other usual accompaniments to these speeches, and then, after I finally got to bed at 2 a.m., I laid awake for two more hours before I reached any kind of conclusion as to what it was all about.

At the banquet, the speaker was none other than Dick Gregory. I had to sit up at the head table only two seats away from this coon comedian-turned-revolutionist. I wouldn’t have put up with it, except I really wanted to hear this “cat” (as he calls everybody) and see how he would affect these kids in North Carolina! He did a pretty smooth job on these kids, and I learned a lot.

First, he told a series of “supper-club” jokes to “warm up” the kids – which he did.

Then he launched into his “You-gotta-give-us-the-country, Baby” approach of the black scum now risen to glory among us as a result of Yiddish money, Yiddish leadership and Yiddish press-agentry for these miserable Africans.

I could hardly believe what I saw there. I watched the racially fine faces of the young White boys and girls who were intently watching the ape-like face of Gregory. They were hypnotized!

He actually went so far as to BOAST to them that the only way they could PROVE they were not full of “racism” and “hate” was to give our White women to the Negroes, thus showing that we recognize that there’s no difference except color.

He went so far as to use the fact of motherhood, and went into a physical description of the process of birth, and how you couldn’t stop delivery of a baby by crossing a woman’s legs, etc.,etc., ad nauseam – all to “prove” that delivery of our women to the blacks was “inevitable” – and standing in the way was like crossing the woman’s legs, and trying to stop the birth of what he said was “Nature’s insistence on equality”!!!

He got a STANDING OVATION – just as the earlier black ball player had in the audience!

Once more, I watched the fanatic few rise up applauding wildly the moment he was done speaking, then the guilty looks on the faces of more and more kids who rose up, until all (except me) were standing to give honor to a man who had just announced he was going to utterly DESTROY them – women and children and our whole RACE!

I had HEARD about this sort of thing happening – just last month as I was speaking at one college in Wisconsin, Stokely Carmichael was speaking only a few miles away at another. He got up and hollered, “BLACK POWER!”, and openly announced his intention of leading a “burn-baby-burn” ATTACK on White people, hollering “Get Whitey!” – and got the same “standing ovation”, as I had just seen twice in one day, and in the “deep South”!! WHY?

In all of history, no people have ever sunk so low they have given cheers and ovations to their own executioners. Some people have become too rotten to resist, but no people ever before has sunk so low as have those of our people who stand and cheer when told by arrogant Negroes that the blacks fully intent to WIPE US OUT AS A RACE!

The blacks holler, “GET WHITEY!” – and WHITEY CHEERS AND APPLAUDS! Surely you, too, must have tried to figure it all out!

Lying there in bed in the Sheraton Motel in Winston-Salem, in the fancy room they always get for you on these visits, I think I found the answer: GUILT! – Self HATE!

The South has been BEATEN half to death, over a hundred years ago, now, and it has its psychological toll.

The approach of the second reconstruction, now under way, has acted precisely like the approach of the torturer, after a solid year of uninterrupted torture, in a Chinese brainwashing camp.

Sargant, in his magnificent, ‘BATTLE FOR THE MIND’, describes how the mind reverses itself when driven past the point of any further “bending” under the stress of physical privation, unbearable mental tensions and outright torture. He describes how the victim of endless torture, becomes a FANATICAL WORSHIPPER of his torturers! Like a whipped dog, he crawls up to lick the hand of the brutal master wielding the stick on him.

Before I turned in for the night, I spent several hours in the room with assorted interested groups who kept coming and going, once they knew my room number. Usually, I run them off because of the need to get some rest (I had to fly out next a.m. at 6:30 for the next speech), but in this case, I desperately wanted to learn as much as I could about these Southern kids who seemed so crazy about coons, and how they got that way.

First, I learned that MOST of the rabid ones were NOT Southerners. The first ones up in the “standing ovation” scenes were almost all Jews and similar “liberals” from the NORTH!

When they got into my room, in groups of ten or twenty, and away from the mob scenes, I found the Southern kids were mostly O.K.


Acting as though they, themselves, had not been part of that standing ovation scene, they all explained to me that the Negro was the local football hero, that the student body was not what it seemed, that they were NOT all crazy about coons there, etc., etc.

I asked each one of them why he or she thought it all happened, and most of them came up with the ANSWER I think is right. They used different terms, of course, but the upshot of it all is GUILT – self HATE – “embarrassment”, etc.

They felt that the poor coons had been insulted when I stood up there and slammed home the list of horrors happening to our country and White Race as a result of the Black Revolution! Those coon football heroes were their “friends” – courtesy of our race-mixing politicians, and they all felt as if I had kicked a poor little dog. When we talked later in the room, many of them admitted that the negroes were no pitiful little dogs, but rather a pack of wild, savage WOLVES – and that I was telling the simple truth. Nevertheless, when the black ballplayer was up there, they were helpless in the grip of GUILT FEELINGS for having participated in a meeting where the TRUTH about his race was mentioned!

Then, when the Northerners and liberals, Jews and race-mixers rose in the “ovation” scene, none of the rest had the nerve to remain seated, not out of love of the Negro – but FEAR! Fear of being branded a “bigot”, a “hater” and finally a “Nazi”.

What does all this mean in terms of the overall battle we must fight to survive as a race and regain command of our own Destiny as a nation? I think it shows that the battle is going to take place MOSTLY in the NON-Southern part of the nation.

The South has been so thoroughly beaten on and kicked and filled with guilt feelings that it is no longer – as an overall population group – capable of responding vigorously and ferociously. The Klan and various segments of the Southern population will still fight and even take risks to stand against the black hell closing over us. But today, many of their own fellow Southerners are turning, in fear and confusion, against the Klan and other fighters.

The AVERAGE Southerner has “had it”, just like the average German I have met. The Jews and conspirators have consciously beaten much of the native fight out of ordinary Southerners and ordinary Germans, and left them filled with a crazy, suicidal “guilt” feeling for even THINKING about resistance.

The rest of the country hasn’t experienced this terrible psychological reversal. Whites everywhere are somewhat frightened of the smear-words, “bigot”, “hater”, etc., but not to the point where they can be put entirely out of action with such Jewish psychological attack.

As an example of what I mean, take Cicero, in Chicago. There’s no “Klan” in Cicero.

Instead, EVERY citizen of Cicero is ready, willing and EAGER to fight the FIRST nigger who tries to move in.

Remember the full color picture in LIFE last summer of the brave kid from Chicago who had been actually bayonetted, standing there bleeding, sticking out his chest in magnificent defiance of the Guardsman?

While they have been successful in ramming niggers in all over the South, I truly believe the whole Federal Government, the Army, Navy, Air Force and nuclear bombs won’t get one nigger into Cicero. They haven’t dared even TRY, yet. They might get ONE nigger into a house in Cicero, but he’d get right back OUT again – either with his black feet going as fast as they could – or not moving at all.

In the North, where they are relatively “fresh” in this fight, the little KIDS in every White working-class neighborhood are full of the most vigorous kind of FIGHT against the black invaders of their neighborhoods. The South, after battling and LOSING for more than a hundred years, is getting discouraged. But let the South take heart!

Remember Thomas Dixon’s inspiring novel, “The Klansman”, which was made into one of the world’s all-time great pictures, “The Birth of a Nation”?

Captain Forbes, our Los Angeles leader, has a copy of that film at the headquarters there, and I was able to see most of it on my last visit a few months ago.

For those who may have forgotten, it is the story of how the Ku Klux Klan saved the South – and the White Race – from black terrorism after the Civil War.

The Klan did a heroic job. Had I been born one hundred years ago I would have been a Klansman. Terrorism WORKED beautifully, a hundred years ago. Today, it won’t, because the politicians have available such total “legal” power to penetrate, capture and hound the few brave men who try to stop the black terrorism with counter terror.

But in the eighteen sixties and seventies, brave Klansmen were able to make a real start on saving the White South from the nigger beasts installed by carpetbaggers, scalawags and scum – most of them Jews and perverts.

They still couldn’t REALLY save the South, however, because there was always the threat of FEDERAL TROOPS. Whenever the Klan began to get strong somewhere, heavily armed Federal troops would be sent in to protect and back up nigger-rule, and the Klan would have to shift operations elsewhere.

Remember the stirring scenes in “Birth of a Nation”, when the White family in the little cabin is surrounded by nigger troops, and niggers have the old men, kids and women pinned down? Only a few more rounds of ammunition remain to protect the White women from the lust-filled black savages, when suddenly, at the last moment, the nigger troops are ROUTED – by FEDERAL TROOPS OF THE NORTH WHO HAVE FINALLY SEEN AND UNDERSTOOD THAT IT WAS THEIR OWN WHITE PEOPLE THEY WERE TURNING OVER TO THE BLACKS!

Today, the same thing is happening right before our eyes.

The South has been under siege year after year, for a CENTURY!

The defenses are crumbling everywhere in the South. Many good Southerners are losing heart, as they see one barrier after another fall before the terrible power of the Federal politicians.

“It’s GOT to come” they rationalize. “We might as well try to accept it with a good grace and at least make it peaceful and prevent any more bloodshed.”

Nobody can blame these good people too savagely for saying that today, any more than I can blame the Germans who put up THEIR fight for the White Race only to have fellow White Men (like me) come, at the behest of the Jews, and murder and torture them by the millions.

Last-minute rescue came in “Birth of a Nation” from White Federal troops who had been on the Jew-nigger Federal side, and switched when they understood, and finally stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their White brothers and sisters of the South against nigger terror – and it STOPPED.


White Men and Women of the South, I can tell you surely and proudly, that my fellow “Yankees” are finally WAKING UP, like the Federal White troops in “Birth of a Nation”, and are beginning to fight for you – for ALL of us! And when the White Men, North and South, have finally had ENOUGH of these arrogant niggers and their even more arrogant and vicious Jew leaders, we will put an END to the black horror and insanity, and the Jew Communist treason which spawned it in one hell of a hurry!

And this time, we will never again let them divide us against each other!

The Jews and race-mixing fanatics got the North hating the South, the South hating the North, so they could plunder and dominate both, as they have.

The moment White troops in the South refused to keep their White Southern brothers under nigger terrorism, the terrorism ended, and the carpetbaggers, scalawags and scum were DRIVEN OUT.

This time, the moment White men in all of the North and West are sufficiently disgusted with being used to impose nigger terror not only on the South, but the whole nation, the terror will STOP, and the nightmare army of black and white scum, led by the Jews will be seen and heard with their chants and insults no more!

But the re-unification of the White Race will not only be national, local and temporary, this time.

This time, there at last exists in this world an organization not dedicated to saving just one PART of the White Race – as the Klan tried and succeeded for a time in saving the South, and the German Nazis tried and succeeded for a while in saving Germany – THIS TIME, the American Nazi Party and the World Union of National Socialists, of which the American Nazi Party is a part, will see to it that the White Race never again lays itself open to brainwashing and defeat by DIVIDING ITSELF and by being taught to HATE ITSELF and PARTS OF ITSELF – the way Yankees and “rebels” were taught to hate each other, and Americans and “Nazis” were taught to hate each other.

This time we’ll hate, alright – but we’ll hate the ENEMY – the vicious gang of colored scum attackers and Jewish-Communist traitors – rather than one part of our own people hating another part for the benefit of the Jews and their army of SCUM!

And the reason we’ll “hate” and do such a bang-up job of it, is not that we are some kind of a monstrous “haters”, “bigots”, etc., but that WE LOVE OUR PEOPLE – the White Race of people given by the Great Spirit to civilize and dominate this earth and prevent it from becoming the filthy, crazy jungle of darkness and bloodshed which now threatens.

Last week, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I had to watch the results of a hundred years of Jewish brainwashing on our beloved South. White kids, taught to hate “Yankees” first, “Nazis”, and finally THEMSELVES, because of all the propaganda against the FACT that WHITES ARE, INDEED, A “MASTER RACE”. I watched them stand up and give an ovation to an arrogant nigger who boasted he would take our lovely White girls for his nigger mobs!

Thank God, before this process can proceed much further, the White Men of the North will come “galloping” to the rescue of their hard-pressed Southern brothers and sisters and smash ANYbody or ANYthing which threatens ANY White man or woman, ANYWHERE whether he or she be called a “rebel”, a “Yankee”, a “Nazi”, a “Christian”, a “Britisher”, a “Catholic” or even a “Russian”.

We are living in the last days of the Great White Race, and cannot afford self-hate or division, regardless of the propaganda they pour on us as the reason.

WHITE MAN! If you are WHITE – you are my BROTHER!

I care not what religion, club, area or class you come from, nor what bit of colored cloth you wave as a flag. WE are ALL under deadly attack by colored hordes which outnumber us more than seven to one, led by a filthy Jewish, Communist conspiracy!

Stand with me and SMASH the enemy fist, TOGETHER!

Then, if you want to argue politics, economics, sociology, religion, nationality or other things with me, you can. I will even fight you, if I must.

But, FIRST, White Man, let us stand TOGETHER to secure the survival of your people and my people, for they are one and the same – they are our beloved, miraculous, wonderful, blessed and MASTERFUL WHITE RACE!