Whites Now Least Likely to Go to College in Britain

July 27, 2103

affirmative-actionWhites in Britain have found themselves being squeezed out of the nation’s Universities. Race-based college admissions and funding have run wild. Now, working class whites are simply not going to college any more.

Much like America, Indians and Orientals are becoming the new University elites. There are nearly four million of them. The best and the brightest are coming to countries like Britain and America for new opportunities. Consider that the top 10% most intelligent and ambitious segment of the Asian world would be nearly 400 million people. Note that in Britain, the term “Asian” refers mainly to people from Pakistan and India.

If blacks were at the bottom, the British media would be screaming “RACISM!” However, since whites are at the bottom, the only explanation given is “white people don’t want to go to college.” What they aren’t talking about is black graduation rates. Blacks in Britain benefit the most from race-based preferential treatment in admissions and funding. However, the people who benefit the most from these programs will always have the highest failure rate.

Many whites probably recognize that a lot of University programs today are scams and hustles. Depending on the career they want, some probably do think they can get ahead faster simply by skipping college. However, the British media should also address the vast apparatus of institutional discrimination against the indigenous population of Britain.

Rate at which group attends college. Survey conducted by UK National Statistics for the Department for Education with a 13,000 sample

Hindu: 77%
Asians: 66% (Pakistani & Indian)
Sikhs: 63%
Blacks: 61%
Muslims: 53%
Christians: 45%
Whites: 43%
Atheists: 32%
Rates for Hindus, Sihks, and Muslims is rapidly rising, while rates for Catholics and atheists are falling. Source

These figures are from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service [UCAS]. These figures are for the rate at which students apply for University. The data come from college applications for the entire country. The figures are lower than the data from the government survey, however whites are still at the bottom.

Chinese: 57%
Asian: 41% (Pakistani & Indian)
Black: 34%
Mixed-race: 31%
Whites: 29%
UCAS also reports that between 2006 and 2010, the overall rate at which students who apply for college rose from 36% to 44%. Rates for blacks soared, while rates for whites dropped. SourceSource2

As spokesman for the Catholic Education Service says that Catholic schools routinely outperform other types of schools. However, many students are now seeking apprenticeships instead of college.

From UK Telegraph…

The Catholic Education Service said there were several factors unrelated to religion why Christians were the worst-performing religion in the survey.

A spokeswoman said: “Catholic Schools regularly outperform other schools in terms of levels of attainment at key stage two, GCSEs and A-levels. We also seek to encourage our kids to choose whatever line they would like, be it university, apprenticeships or work.”

But the Muslim Council of Britain said it was happy that the survey reflected a “continuing trend” within the Muslim community to aspire to higher education.

Prof Steve Strand of Warwick University told the Times Educational Supplement that religion was a “proxy” for ethnicity.
He said: “The fact that white working-class pupils are the least likely to go to university and those from Asian groups are more likely has nothing to do with whether they are Christian or Hindu.

“It’s to do with a number of factors, but [generally speaking] white working-class children and their parents often do not see the relevance of the curriculum or of attending university. Asian families, even if they are from difficult socio-economic backgrounds, see education as a way out.”