Worst Korea’s Average Primary School Class Size Expected to Reach Single Digits Within 10 Years

This is what feminism does, this is what consumerism does, this is what modernity does.

This is what women do.

Women would rather have fun and go around exercising sexual power over men than get married and have kids.

Korea Times:

The number of students per class in elementary schools could drop to the single digits in 10 years due to the declining birthrate, leading to a significant reduction in the school-age population, Yonhap News Agency reported, Thursday.

Currently, the average class size is around 21.1 students. However, by 2034, this number is expected to fall to below 10 students per class, marking the first time it will drop to single digits.

Hong In-gi, head of policy at the Good Teachers Movement, based his predictions on the school-age population estimates released by Statistics Korea in June of last year.

If the population continues to decrease at the current rate, elementary school class sizes could further decline to 5.5 students per class by 2060 and a mere 2.7 students per class by 2070, according to the analysis.

Even under a more moderate population decline scenario, the middle variant projection indicates that the average number of students per class will still drop to single digits, reaching 9.8 students per class by 2034, 8.7 by 2060 and 6.0 by 2070.

Hong presented these projections at the Escape from Low Birthrate Crisis, Education Reform Forum held Thursday at the Seosomun Shrine History Museum in Jung District, Seoul, where a group of policymakers and lawmakers participated.

We need to understand the power that women enjoy. Most men do not understand this power, even though it is very obvious.

A young woman, particularly if she is attractive, walks around like a royal. She has power over all of the men in her vicinity. They will buy her things. They will follow her around, doing whatever she requests of them. She is able to command the attention of any men she is in a room with. Now, with the internet, she is able to get the attentions of thousands or tens of thousands of men at the same time.

Most men will do anything for an attractive young woman. It is in fact incredible. And you can just look at it. Watch an attractive woman in public sometime. Watch the way men react to her. Men will just walk up to her, and start praising her like an idol. Everyone will be polite to her, and try to help her in any way she can. Men will take her out to expensive restaurants. They will buy her anything she wants. She can get men to pay her rent for her. She can just ask men for cash. She can go stay at the homes of rich men.

So can throw fits in public, and men will rush in to try to help her. She can also get men to fight other men on her behalf. She can really do pretty much anything. Even if she kills someone (which she probably wouldn’t do, because she could just have a man do it for her), the court will go easy on her.

Meanwhile, she can also get hired for jobs she is not qualified for, both because of government meddling (affirmative action) and because men will hire attractive women simply because they want to be around them, hoping that they might get the chance to get a sniff of that pussy.

Until a woman is in her mid-twenties, and if she takes care of herself even longer, she is like a god.

Women do not want to sacrifice that to have children. Very, very few women will sacrifice that to get married and have children. Of course, once they get to be in their late 20s or early 30s, and they start to notice that this magical power they have over men – this witch’s spell – begins to wane, they will start looking for a man to “settle down” with.

Frankly, however, they are doing this less and less, because with makeup and plastic surgery they can stretch out their ability to use at least some of this magic power into their later 30s, at which point it is too late to have kids.

The only possible solution to the birthrate crisis is to remove women’s ability to exercise this sexual power over men. You have to take away their rights. There is no other solution.

You have to return to a traditional social order where women who go around using their sexuality to manipulate men for personal benefit is not allowed.

You also have to ban abortion and birth control.

The life of a married woman is also very easy, frankly. A man pays for her entire life, and all she has to do is give birth and care for children, which is very easy work (relative to a man’s work). At least, if she is able to secure a husband that has enough money that she doesn’t have to work. In order to secure such a husband these days, a woman pretty much has to get married to an older man when she is in her late teens or early 20s.

I do not defend women very often, but I do think it is crazy to expect women to work while also raising small children. However, at the same time, if you’re marrying a woman in her late 20s or 30s, you probably do not have enough money to pay for her on a single salary. Men who have money want teens/early twenties girls.

Basically, the species is going to go extinct if we don’t take away women’s rights. Well, white people and Asians are going to go extinct. Black and brown women, even in countries with women’s rights, will continue having kids.

White and Asian women are effectively responsible for a genocide of their respective races.

Even the robots in Worst Korea are having existential crises. Feminism creates misery.