You are Dangerous and Extreme if You Oppose Mass Immigration

November 20, 2013

Traitors Gate, London.

Many people,  have been trying to reassess our attitudes towards immigration. We recognise we took our eye off the ball.” No you didn’t, Labour you left the bloody stadium.

You connived, plotted, concealed, mislead, lied and then, disgusted with us and our ingratitude for your sly, dishonest, underhand cheating and indecent and inept mishandling of our country simply to assure your hegemony of power, in your contempt for us you ganged up on the people you were supposed to be representing and serving and in your much vaunted liberalism toward anyone and everyone except the people who fed you, bullied, ridiculed, belittled and lied and cheated again.

And now we endure your snotty-nosed, self-appointed superiority in your condescending calumny of a “divisive” and “dangerous” campaign. We are not divided. The only danger we represent is to you. Your day is over. Get over it. And shut up.

You did everything possible to call those who want to protect our borders racists and bigots.

The fate that awaits them.

Blunkett and Straw have told us what is going to happen in our cities but especially places like Sheffield which has had an open door policy to migrants. Jack Straw is now realising what HE has done to his Town. Well people of Sheffield I think you have just seen your house prices drop even further from 1st Jan 2014 when all the Rumanians and Bulgarians take over the hot spots. Wigan is as bad. People do you not see the trend. They are all Labour held places.  Three cheers for Labour for bringing down our country

See the new labour at work here? If you don’t want swathes of unemployable roma all around your city center, you are dangerous and extreme…  People never wanted and never asked for mass migration.

“Or we can challenge them.” there is no we, there is no mass consensus that migration is great, simply an elite who needs more people to wash their cars.