Zimbabwe: Mugabe Vows to Expel More White Farmers After Declaring Blacks Have Skills

Daily Slave
March 2, 2015

Yo dawg – wee gotz da skillz ta payz da billz!

The White-hating ape leader of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is vowing to expel even more White farmers.  He declared that his fellow Black people have skills and no longer require the White man to guide them.

That’s great Bob – we’ll check back in 10 years and see how you’ve made out.  This fool who has run Zimbabwe for the past 30+ years has destroyed what was previously a prosperous country per Africa standards.  It should be no mystery why this has happened, considering he has done everything in his power to purge White people from the nation.

All Africa:

WHITE farmers still occupying pieces of land in the country must brace for more farm seizures after President Robert Mugabe revealed Saturday his government was investigating how many of them survived the violent and anti-white land seizures since 2000.

“We don’t need a white man to continue to guide us. No. We are now equipped with skills,” Mugabe told thousands of guests to the lavish celebrations for his 91st birthday held at Victoria Falls on Saturday.